January 24, 2018

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Biography: Chris Finn

Vital Statistics
Chris Finn

Chris Finn
Real Name: Christopher Randal Finn
AKA: Play by Play Announcer

Birth Date: July 03, 1
Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135
Blood Type: B Negative
Eye Color: Brown

Theme Song: "Start Me Up", by the Rolling Stones Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher: Putting down the headset at the end of the night (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name: Glad that's over with, let's get a drink
Wrestling Style
Chris Finn

Wrestling Style: Commentary

General Moveset: Exciting commentary, quick dodges, speedy magazine purchases

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:


Chris Finn

Christopher Randal Finn was never satisfied with the calm country life of a boy growing up in Idaho. Chris Finn would sit in front of the television for hours watching all kinds of professional sports with the dream that one day he would be the one calling the action.

After attempting to get a job with nearly every major network, Chris Finn finally landed a position as a second-string Golf announcer out of Wisconsin. Since the PGA did not spend much time in Wisconsin, Finn soon left the big life of Golf Announcing for the big city. However, the city was cruel to Finn, and he was forced to live on the streets.

Finn was discovered one morning sleeping on a bench outside an arena where the fWo was setting up for their first live event, CyberSlam. In need of a co-anchor, recently hired James Armstrong picked the homless Finn to work with him, mainly because Armstrong figured that a homeless bum would not show him up at the announcing table. Finn put on a suit and walked to ringside for his first show... and the rest is history.