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February 20, 2018

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Biography: Dave Morey

Vital Statistics
Dave Morey

Dave Morey
AKA: The Devil's Advocate

Birth Date: 08.09.78
Hometown: New Orleans, Lousiana

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 245
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Green

Theme Song: Get Born Again (Alice in Chains) Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher Description: Unprotected Double Underhook Piledriver
Finisher Name: Exeunt
Wrestling Style
Dave Morey

Wrestling Style: Power/Technical

General Moveset:

Lightheavyweight Moveset: Cruiserweight? What? LOL

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:

Other Promotions: tSC, OWF, NCW3
Other Championships: NCW3 Internet Championship, NCW3 World Championship


Past Teams: The Partnership (w/Sonny Silver)

Trainer: Robert Tanaka

Dave Morey

'We’ll all be better off when all of you realize that I’m simply just always right.” –Dave Morey

What kind of person starts off his life story with a quote from himself? Well, if there were a word for that kind of person, Dave “The Devil’s Advocate” Morey would be it. The confident Morey, born and raised in The Big Easy, was an only child to a set of very wealthy jet-setting parents and learned early on that he (at least in his own mind) was the Mecca – he easily graduated a few years early from high school summa cum laude and cashed in his trust fund to pursue a career in law via Harvard. He did so well in his first year that he earned the nickname of “Devil’s Advocate” from several of Harvard’s more respected law professors for his skill in arguing seemingly indefensible positions.

And then…summer came. Dave Morey, rich jet-setting playboy has a dirty little secret, see….he is a lifelong wrestling fan and always secretly dreamed of being a wrestler. And there was this upstart indy called CZW based out of Boston, which isn’t too far from Cambridge, Massachusetts, the famed location of Harvard. During the summer, he went and caught a few of their shows. One of the wrestlers caught his eye and Dave just happened to see him in a bar one miserable July night after a CZW show.

That man’s name was Robert Tanaka. Also known as Rob T, the future OWF mega-star and NCW3 owner was at that time a humble 19-year-old kid who was also enrolled in the infamous Oracle Wrestling Academy and beginning to become one of CZW’s more popular stars. Morey and T quickly became very good friends, and when T expressed his dream of starting a fed of his own, Morey offered him a deal: train me to wrestle, and I’ll help finance your fed. Rob agreed and Morey dropped out of Harvard to devote himself to becoming a fulltime wrestler. Of course, Rob wasn’t his only trainer – Morey was rich, sucka! He trained under several semi-famous wrestlers and by the time T graduated from the Oracle Academy, Dave was well on his way to becoming a serviceable wrestler. Thus, the NCW3, out of T’s dream and Morey’s money, was born. 1996 was the year “The Devil’s Advocate” (DA for short) officially wrestled his first match.

Summer of 1997 – DA is the NCW3 Internet champion (having just been screwed out of the World Title he also held by evil on-air owner Mr. Tanaka at the last PPV, who became the evil owner several months before Austin/McMahon even existed) and the showdown was ON – the first ever match between student Morey and teacher T and quite possibly the first wrestling match between co-owners of a federation (though with all due respect to future famous ones, both Rob and Morey were wrestlers by trade, which helped). The epic showdown was the co-main event of the second year crown jewel PPV of the NCW3, and the two delivered a hell of a match in front of a sold out Reunion Arena in Dallas, TX. At the 32-minute mark, the bloodied-and-battered evil owner T staggered away from the ring as the Devil’s Advocate gave chase. T, with nowhere to go, climbed up the side of the big screen, and Morey followed, setting up a very interesting showdown as the two slugged it out over 30 ft in the air. And then…CRACK. SPLAT.

A support gave way, and to earth fell the co-owners of the NCW3. Morey’s injuries healed in time – but he had a long time (a little too long, methinks) to sit in a bed and stew in the fact that his partner walked away with only minor injuries while he was going to be out of wrestling for over a year, at least. Morey and T’s friendship fell apart, and so did the NCW3 without Morey’s financial backing. The self-confident Cajun fancied himself a man betrayed, and the bitter and vengeful side only grew when Robert Tanaka became a superstar in the OWF in 2000/2001 while he rotted in the indies. Dave attempted to come to the OWF in 2003 and exact revenge on his now-married former best friend, but Morey’s OWF contract was terminated as a result of the bitter backstage power struggles between the OWF controlling interests that would kill the company for good just a few short months later.

Morey made his way to the Squared Circle and formed "The Partnership for a KSZ-free America" with Sonny Silver. The super team went undefeated and Morey defeated Coral Avalon and several other stars (including KSZ himself) in the Circle's brief time.

Now he has come to the fWo, knocking out Rob T in his debut. What else does Morey have in store for the fWo?