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February 20, 2018

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Biography: Derecho

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Jason Roberts

Birth Date: 4-1-1981
Hometown: Stuart, Florida

Height: 6'2
Weight: 235lbs
Blood Type: O Negative
Eye Color: Brown

Theme Song: "Killing You Now" by Fear of Sound Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher: Emerald Flowsion Kai (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name: A Forever Reminder
Alternate Finishers: Mesocyclone (Fireman's Carry into an Emerald Flowsion), Show Stealer (3/4 Ring Distance Flying Leg Drop)
Wrestling Style

Wrestling Style: All Arounder

General Moveset: F3 (Vertical Suplex, Snap Suplex, Split-legged Gordbuster combo), The Eye (TKO), Straight Line Strike (Springboard Clothesline), Shining Wizard, Blue Thunder Driver, Super Kick, Anderson Style Spinebuster, Pendulum Backbreaker, Side Russian Leg Sweep/Flatliner, Suplexes (German, Tiger, Dragon, Exploder, T-Bone, Leg Cradle, Straightjacket), Moonsaults (Asai, 2nd Turnbuckle, Double Jump, Standing), DDTs (standard, spike, tornado, reverse)

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:

Other Promotions: Legacy of Champions, Ring Rage Wrestling, World Wrestling Council, Tornado Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling League, 21st Century Wrestling, jOlt Wrestling, X Wrestling
Other Championships: Xw World, jOlt Tag Team, 21w Millennium, 21w United, 21w Hardcore, TW International, RRW World, LoC Legacy Championship
Other Awards: Bitch With Mitch Invitational Winner