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February 20, 2018

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Biography: Donaven Winters

Vital Statistics
Donaven Winters

Donaven Winters
Real Name: Donaven Winters
AKA: the Fallen Angel
Known Aliases: Plague

Birth Date: November 2
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Height: 6'1
Weight: 238
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Blue-grey

Theme Song: Seizure of Power Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher: Burning Hammer, Air Raid Crash (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name: Eleven, Plague Effect
Wrestling Style
Donaven Winters

Wrestling Style: Technician

General Moveset: Various suplexes, submission holds and knee/elbow strikes
Signature Moves: Roaring Elbow, Shining Wizard, Capture Suplex, Reverse Figure Four Leglock, Mysterious Sleeper

Hardcore Moveset: DDT onto a chair, ringpost figure-four

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:
1-Time Hardcore Championship Title Holder

Other Promotions: SWL, jOlt Wrestling, XCW, Currently in CSWA
Other Championships: SWL World Heavyweight Champion (3), SWL World Tag Team Championship (1, w/ Shawn Walker), XCW Cruiserweight Champion


Current Team: The Dark Riders (Death, Donaven Winters, Primetime)
Past Teams: Donaven Winters & Jon Crisp, Darkness Falls (Donaven Winters and Jopland (July 1999))

Trainer: Killer Kowalski, Akira Maeda

Donaven Winters

February 12th, 1985.

This was the first day in what seemed like years that the child could remember. It was a day to remember because his father hadn't hit him. His father hadn't hit his mother. His father hadn't even taken a drink. For an eight-year-old boy, this was big. He had spent the majority of his young life trying to survive through every day. There was constant fear of his father, an alcoholic that had severe anger issues. Enough about the father for now, however. The child is the impetus for this story.

The child has no name. It isn't needed. People aren't always remembered by their names; their actions have stood the test of time. This is why the child will one day be remembered. For being just eight, the child was rather resilient. He expected to be beaten or hit at least once a day, depending on his father's mood. The father treated him like a punching bag and he took the beatings in stride. There was little else he could do about it. He had tried running away once, but didn't get very far. The bruises that resulted from his attempted escape lasted for weeks. Child services knew nothing of the way the child was treated. If they had, surely they would have saved him from his living hell.

This poor family lived in one of the more dilapidated sections of Detroit, though it wasn't quite considered part of the projects. For the child, it was close enough. He was faced with the unenvious task of walking home from school through the projects every day and he had been taught by his father to be afraid of the "colors" that lived in the area. "They're low life scum who'll beat you within an inch of your life if you look at