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Biography: Kodiak Vic Creed

Vital Statistics
Kodiak Vic Creed

Kodiak Vic Creed
Real Name: Victor Creid
AKA: Main Man, The Juggernaut
Known Aliases: KVC

Birth Date: March 03,
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Height: 6'6
Weight: 325
Blood Type: AB Positive
Eye Color: Blue/Green

Theme Song: Walk by Pantera Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher:
1) Gorilla Press into a High Angle DDT
2) Ganso Bomb (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name:
1) Power Trip
Wrestling Style
Kodiak Vic Creed

Wrestling Style: Power / High Impact

General Moveset:

Kodiak Krippler (Vertical Suplex into a Piledriver)
Kodiak Krusher (Spear)
Camel Clutch/Forearms to the Face
Gutwrench Powerbomb
Full Nelson Slam
Cobra Clutch
Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:
2-Time Hardcore Championship Title Holder
2-Time Internet Championship Title Holder
1-Time World Heavyweight Championship Title Holder

Other Promotions: RAW, IWA, XCW, Shootfire, EWA, MJPW, ICWF, jOlt to name a few
Other Championships: XCW World Title, Shootfire World Tag, RAW World Title, EWA World Title, IWA World Title, jOlt World Title, etc.


Past Teams: A.S.S. (with Mitch Wilson, Greg Davis, Lance Starr), The Brotherhood

Manager: Cabbot Wilson
Trainer: Slade Wilson

Kodiak Vic Creed

Vic Creed was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Because his mother, Cynthia, was Canadian and his father, Victor Sr., was American, Vic enjoyed dual citizenship. This would definitely help him in his future career as a professional wrestler. But such things are of no interest to a child.

When he was two, his parents moved to Anchorage, Alaska. His father, a fisherman, expected his son to follow in his footsteps. But early on, Vic knew what he wanted to do. His cousin sent him wrestling magazines, and videotaped wrestling matches. Creed watched these larger than life heroes do battle, and knew that's what he wanted to do. He even knew how to get into the business. One of the magazines had an article about a wrestling school: The House of Pain Wrestling Academy, run by an ex-World Champion and former Navy SEAL, Slade Wilson. Vic would go to the House of Pain, become a wrestler, and someday become World Champion.

In high school, Vic tried out for the varsity wrestling team. At 16, he was already a huge 240 lbs, and that was before ever touching a weight! By his graduating year, he had really come into his own: a muscular 260 lbs, and power like no one had ever seen before. He went undefeated his senior year, and many colleges and universities came out to see the young man from Kodiak, Alaska.

That summer, Vic became a local legend. It took place at a bench press contest, and he wasn't even a contestant! It was an open meet (anyone could enter it.) At the end, there were only three men left. The first two failed at a lift of four hundred seven pounds. The third men got underneath the bar. His face turned reddish purple, his eyes bloodshot, but with a mighty stuggle he benched the weight. His family and friends flooded the stage, congratulating him. No one noticed the young man with the red bush jacket, jeans, and work boots walk out of the crowd and lie down on the bench. With the weight still on, the young man lifted the bar and began doing repetitions with it: one, two, three...

People turned around, and watched awestruck as the young man, without any warmup or weightlifting support, continued doing repetitions as if the bar was empty! The winner of the contest, who was just moments ago the center of attention, was completely ignored as the young Creed finished nineteen repetions with the same weight the winner had barely been able to press just once! He put the bar back in the rack, sat up, and walked out of the building without saying a word.

After graduation, Vic had saved almost enough money for the House of Pain, and for the bus ticket down there. Not wanting to wait another year, he bought a one way ticket. He didn't need the return ticket if he was accepted for the school. He never thought that he wouldn't be accepted. He'd go for the try-outs, wow them with his power, and be accepted. Who knows, maybe they'd offer him a scholarship! He'd heard that for promising talent, they would reduce the tuition.

When Vic arrived at the Academy, he immediately started sizing up the competition. And it was a competition. Out of the twenty-three young men who were there at the beginning of the day, only two or three might still be around at the end of the day. Of those remaining, perhaps one or maybe two would be selected to join the Academy.

Admittance was very selective. The House of Pain (now known as the Wilson Academy of Wrestling) is know for producing champions. To receive the expert training, the student must be championship material. The one-day tryout was designed to test the young man's skill, stamina, and above all, heart.

Creed and the others were met by the owner/head instructor, Slade Wilson, and four of the other instructors. He assembled everyone in front of a small, five foot high structure. Hanging in the middle of the structure was a large bell. Wilson informed everyone that he would do everything in his power to test the would-be students, to break them. Only the strongest, both mentally and physically, would make it through the day. If anyone wanted to quit, all they had to do was ring the bell three times and they could go home. The pain and suffering would be over. Naturally, everyone thought they'd be the last one standing at the end of the day. Naturally, most of them were wrong.

Being such a hot and sunny day, Wilson decided that he'd change the venue. Instead of doing the testing at the Academy, he'd do it at a secluded stretch of beach. Once everyone arrived at the beach, they knew it was what he planned all along. All sorts of equipment was assembled on the sand, including The Bell.

The first man 'rang out' after the first fifteen minutes. Immediately nicknamed 'Butterball' by the instructors, the poor man could barely lift himself after doing pushups in the sand. Once he rang the bell, the instructors who had mercilessly harassed him helped him off the beach and back to a waiting taxi.

After about an hour of pushups and sit ups, all done in the hot sand, it was time to do some running. By this time, eight men had 'rang out'. Vic never looked at the bell once, and spit in disgust whenever someone 'rang out'. He'd never ring that damn bell.

The instructors had the students run for three miles, through knee deep water. Even worse, if someone happened to fall behind the pack, Wilson insisted that since the person was going slower, they were conserving their energy. To make it fair, that person had to carry one of the instructors on their back. A few minutes of that usually resulted in that person crawling to The Bell.

By lunchtime, over half the class had quit. In fact, only eight were left. Between each exercise, the Academy's resident physician would check on each man to make sure he wasn't in any physical danger. After the run, the physician disqualified one huge bodybuilder type. He had turned purple and smelled awful from all the steroid toxins he was sweating out. For health reasons, he was disqualified.

In the afternoon, Slade seemed to make it his personal mission to break Creed. When they ran in the afternoon, Wilson ran beside Creed, telling him to ring the bell. Creed, who started to feel the heat suck the will from him, started to look at The Bell as less of a threat and more of a savior. Running in the hot sand with people yelling at him, his body aching, his lungs gasping for air. Was it worth it? Then he'd remember the bus ticket. He had to make it. He had to.

By the time the sparring session started, the class was down to five. That quickly dropped to three after the doctor examined the men. One man was out of it, not willing to quit but physically unable to go on. The other man, who also showed alot of heart, had sprained his ankle before lunch and didn't tell anyone. He just kept running on it, until it swelled so bad his shoes were cutting into the swollen flesh.

The sparring was intense, and merciless. All three men, now exhausted from all the exercising and running, drew to select which instructor they would spar with. The first two men were quickly dispatched before Creed made his selection. Of course, he drew Wilson.

Despite the strength advantage, Creed was no match for the Veteran. Exhausted, he did manage to mount a brief offense, accidentally breaking Wilson's nose. Wilson would later confess "I'd never been hit that hard before in my entire life."

After the sparring, the three men stood side by side. Creed looked at the men on either side of him. One looked like he'd be a great aerialist, and the other had such good technical ability that even though he was exhausted and had a bloody nose, he nearly managed a victory over the fresh instructor.

Slade stood before the three men, and told them that even if they were not selected, they should be proud to be one of the sole survivors. Whoever didn't make it would be invited back, and their try-out fee would be waived.

Then, the moment of truth. The technician was selected. The second... Creed.

* * * * *

The months of training at the Academy were the toughest of the young Creed's life. Wilson worked him hard, pushing his body to new limits. After about ten months, Slade decided to try Creed at a house show run by good friend of Wilsons. Vic wasn't sure, but Slade seemed convinced. So in front of about 45 people in a small bar known as the 'Bloated Liver', 'Kodiak' Vic Creed made his professional wrestling debut.

The few people that were there immediately took to the huge Creed, who looked unbelieveably massive and muscular compared to his opponent, El Tarantula. Tarantula struck quickly, stunning the big man with a dropkick. Creed got to his feet, and clotheslined El Tarantula, nearly knocking him out. Creed got behind the Mexican masked man and grabbed his head, squeezing it in a move he called "Vic's Vise". Seconds later, Vic had his first win.

Vic worked the independant circut, wrestling under the name 'Doomsday' and tagging with fellow HOP alumni, Death Warrior. Together they won both the UWA and TAEWF World Tag Team gold. But after several months, both men got the itch for singles gold. Creed and Death Warrior parted on good terms, and remained in contact ever since.

Wanting to stay on the independant circuit, Vic joined several smaller feds. Hoping to work his way to the big league, he thought that the victories in the smaller feds would result in him getting noticed by the 'Big Boys'. But after each fed folded after the first two weeks, Creed became frustrated. He knew he had the talent to be the centerpiece for a fed. He just needed a place to show it.

Hooking up with a manager (his childhood friend Rave McBain, who coincidentally was also working for the Wilson Foundation), Creed went to New York. WAR! Wrestling Federation, one of the major federations in the United States, had contacted him for a try-out. 'Kodiak' met with them, and was hired. His first run with a major federation was about to begin.

In his first week in WAR, he scored a major upset by defeating one of the Legends of WAR, Seth Blitzspear. That helped to catapult the young powerhouse into the spotlight. After a few short months, Creed had amassed a superb win-loss record which caught the eye of the booking committee. Soon he was scheduled for his first title shot.

That's when the frustrations set in. People were leaving and joining the fed, and due to changes in the booking, Creed lost his title shot. His manager reassured him that he'd get another shot, which he did. A World Title shot. Creed was estatic. He was ready to rock the World.

But then disappointment set in again. A mass defection and influx of talent left the roster shaken. The end result was that Creed lost his second title shot. That was too much for the young man. Joining a stable of renegades who called themselves 'The Revolution', Creed was given the green light for destruction. In one series of matches, he bit off the eyebrow of Steve Stone twice. In their most heinous act, they ended the career of a promising rookie named Jericho. Creed ended up powerbombing Jericho off a 20' ramp through a table, breaking his back. For this, Creed was suspended. During his suspension, WAR was bought out and most of the roster was released, including Creed.

Kodiak was devastated. In a few short weeks, he had gone from the king of the mountain to unemployed. The Wilson Foundation was beginning to question their investment in the young man. The tag gold was nice, but now that he was a singles wrestler, he was expected to win singles gold. McBain told Creed that he had to do something pretty quick, or they'd both be out on the street.

At 2 am, Creed got a phone call. It was Rave. He told Vic that he had just negotiated a contract for the young man in another major federation. It was a big contract. Creed was expected to become one of the major superstars. That's when his run in IIWA began.

Kodiak checked out the talent; nothing he hadn't slapped around before. Unfortunately, the talent was better than he thought. The World Heavyweight Title eluded him, but he did become the IIWA's first World Television Champion. Gold was finally his, and in a major federation as well!

Creed thought he'd end up retiring the belt, but was upset by a rookie newcomer he had given a title shot to. The booking committee had come to Creed, asking him to give the unranked rookie a shot. Creed assumed he'd receive a rematch. None were forthcoming. Rave went after the executive committee, pointing out that Vic was one of their top draws and had an excellent win-loss record. The Committee told McBain that Vic would be entered in a triangle match for the World Title.

Fate did not smile on Creedzilla that day. His flight was late, and he was sick as a dog when he arrived at the arena. Not only did he not win the World Title, but he was attacked after the match, injuring his knee. For the first time in his life, it was Creed that was carried out of an arena on a stretcher.

Taking time off to rest his knee, Vic began to consider his options. He felt the familiar frustration of having bookers screw him around, dangling title shots in front of his nose so he wouldn't quit. Finally he had enough. He resigned from IIWA. They folded a month later.

Moving quickly, Rave managed to sign Kodiak to a contract with PCWF. He would be part of a tag team with 'Manslaughter' David Smith. The promoter assured them that the tag titles would be theirs. They had the talent to go far. Upon further investigation, Kodiak found out that there were only three tag teams in the federation! So in no time flat they won the PCWF World Tag Team Titles.

That's when the trouble started once again. Cards were assigned, then cancelled. Soon, no matches were being booked at all. Several people tried to contact the promoter, but he had disappeared. Not wanting to be trapped into anything later on, Smith and Creed submitted their resignations.

Vic decided that he'd take some time off. He felt burned out. He'd wrestled in incredible schedule but had little to show for it. Rave tried talking to him, but couldn't get him out of his slump.

There was also additional pressure. The Wilson Foundation didn't mind him taking the time off, but Vic had started talking early retirement. The contract with the Wilson Foundation was for ten years. So once he was cleared to wrestle, he had to find work. They decided to find work for him.

One of the first women to graduate from the HOP Academy was a lovely woman known as Dawn Rose. She had been a fitness model who had been a valet for quite some time before deciding to try her lovely hand at wrestling.

Upon graduating from the Academy, she wanted to get some good experience. That meant going to Japan. "If you can make it in Japan, you can make it anywhere," Slade told her. Her husband, who was also a professional wrestler, didn't like the idea of her going overseas alone. She was a good woman, but a little naive when it comes to promoters taking advantage of the women on their roster. So he wanted someone to go with her. Someone who could protect her. Enter Creedzilla.

Vic went to Japan with Dawn. He rented an old warehouse, converting it into a training facility for her. With Creed acting as both personal trainer and bodyguard, Dawn managed to win the WWGP Women's World Title.

After retiring the belt, Dawn wanted to return to North America. She decided that she'd gotten the 'wrestling bug' out of her system. So she and Vic came back to the States. For Creed, he was just coming back to the problems that he had before he left. He was offered positions with other Foundation wrestlers as Bodyguards. Since there was no big rush for him to get back in the ring, he was officially trained as a bodyguard.

* * * * *

During that time, he began to freelance. He worked security for celebrities who wanted 'high profile' (very visible) security. Through references, he worked for many major superstars such as Demi Moore, Jean Claude Van Damme, and the Spice Girls.

Between bodyguarding jobs, he began to do some bounty hunting. The pay wasn't as good as some of his bodyguarding jobs, but the thrill was there. The same thrill he got in the ring, going one-on-one with someone who's sole purpose was to beat him. Only with bounty hunting, there was nobody to screw with him. One night, at a motel just outside Phoenix, AZ, Vic received his wake up call. It was a call that should have killed him.

Creed had gotten a tip from one of his contacts that the fugitive he was hunting, Juan Rodriguez, was spending the night at a motel outside Phoenix. He was also alone. Vic considered the possiblities, and decided that he'd get Juan at night while he was sleeping. He'd put up the least amount of resistance that way.

Getting Juan's room number from the manager, as well as the key, Kodiak made his way to Juan's door. He checked to make sure he had everything he might need: cuffs, mace, and a taser. Creed felt the flood of adrenaline that always hit him when he was about to take someone down. He braced himself, then hit the door.

The door flew open, splintering at the frame. Creed moved quickly, pulling the taser from his belt pouch and shining the flashlight on the bed. The lump of Rodriguez's body didn't move under the covers. "Bail Bondsman!" Creed yelled. "Don't you even think about mov-"


Kodiak opened his eyes. The light was bright, almost painful. He knew he was moving, but the roof was still. Slowly his vision began to clear, and he realized he was in the back of an ambulance. "He's awake!" shouted one of the paramedics. "How are you feeling?"

"I've got one helluva headache," Creed moaned, putting his hand to his head. He felt the gauze wrapped around his forehead, and tried to remember what had happened. "Did that little SOB hit me with a bat?"

"Uh, well not exactly, Mr. Creed," the paramedic smiled. "You've got to be the luckiest man alive."

"What the Hell are you talking about?"

"Well, you see, he shot you. In the head."


"Damndest thing I've ever seen. The bullet didn't get through your skull. As a matter of fact, it's just below your skin. You can feel it here."

Creed reached back, feeling a small lump on the back of his head. "That's the bullet?"

"Sure is. The doctors will run some tests, but it looks like you got lucky."

Indeed he had. After running several tests, the doctors determined that there was, in fact, no substantial damage. The skull was intact, the bullet hadn't gone through. After a few days, Vic was released from the hospital.

While recovering at home, Kodiak got a most unexpected visit: Slade Wilson. He had heard about the shooting, and came to make sure everything was ok. Creed assured him everything was fine. Then Slade's face took on a most serious tone.

Wilson told Creed to stop the bounty hunting nonsense and get back to what he did best: wrestling. He had been given a second chance, and he'd better not waste it.

Later that week, McBain phone Creed. He'd had lunch with the head of a new promotion, and they were interested in signing Kodiak. The money was good, and he'd be entered in the North American Title tournament. Why not? Creed gave Rave the go-ahead, and Creedzilla joined the roster of AWW.

The one-night tournament was tough, but not as tough as the training regiment Slade set up for Kodiak. He'd only get one shot at the title, so he had to make sure there was no ring rust. He couldn't afford to make any mistakes.

It was during this time that Creed went through another change. He had developed a heated rivalry with another superstar, Jayson Sumak. Sumak had interferred in Creed's matches, openly ridiculed him during interviews, and went out of his way to annoy Creedzilla. The eve of their inevitable match, Kodiak was in a particularly foul mood. He'd been plagued with migraines ever since the shooting. He didn't get them too often, but when he did they left him in excruciating pain. McBain told him to postpone the match, but Creed would have none of it. He would finish off Sumak, break him into little pieces and sweep him under the ring.

The match was the wildest in AWW's short history. The two men brawled throughout the arena, through the crowd, in the back, in the parking lot. The whole time, Kodiak continuously shrugged off any attack Sumak mounted with a rage burning in his eyes.

Finally the match returned to the ring. Sumak was exhausted, and ready to be pinned. Creed slapped on Vic's Vise, squeezing Sumak's skull. Sumak's eyes rolled back into his head, and the referee check Sumak's arm, letting it fall three times before calling for the bell. Kodiak had won the match. But he wouldn't let go. He kept the pressure on. The referee warned him, threatened to fine him, and still Creed kept the pressure on with that look in his eyes.

A minute passed. Sumak was no longer struggling. His breathing was getting shallow, and blood was beginning to trickle from his nose. The referee tried to pull Creed off. No good. Rave came out from the back, and the two of them tried to pull Creed off. They pried at his fingers, pulled at his hair. Nothing. Wrestlers ran out from the back. Four wrestlers finally managed to pull Creed off of the fallen Sumak.

Sumak was rushed to the hospital. His skull had been partially crushed, and he had suffered some brain damage. He was also in a coma. Kodiak was shaken. He'd never lost control like that before. He had come very close to killing someone. From that point on, he swore he'd never use Vic's Vise again. To date, Sumak has yet to regain consciousness.

After the Sumak fiasco, the AWW tested Creed for steroids, and any other banned substances. The tests came up negative. Convinced that he had to be on something, the AWW suspended Creed indefinitely. Kodiak was furious. He wanted to sue AWW for wrongful suspension. Rave told him there was nothing he could do. The Wilson Foundation's legal team was busy dealing with Sumak's family, settling out of court. The Foundation didn't want to make waves. They sent Creed to a therapist, hoping he would get a better grip on his temper before it got him arrested.

During his suspension (which eventually became his termination), Kodiak practiacally disappeared off the face of the Earth. Rumors abounded that Creed was fighting in 'human cockfights', locked in a cage and fighting until the other man couldn't continue.

Rave became concerned when he finally saw Creed with some fresh cuts and bruises. He handed McBain a huge roll of hundred dollar bills. "Here's the Foundation's blood money," is what Creed told McBain.

Creed denied participating in the illegal streetfights. But word was still getting back to McBain that not only was Creed participating, he had actually killed someone during one of the fights. Kodiak denied it, and no body was ever found, but McBain knew if he didn't do something soon, Creed would get himself into very serious trouble.

Kodiak was already getting into trouble. Bar brawls, assault charges, property damage... he was just getting worse and worse. McBain quickly signed him with a few smaller feds just to keep him busy, and out of trouble.

Rave managed to get Vic signed with SSW. Quite quickly, he was one of their top draws, winning their 1998 Master of the Ring tournament. Shortly after that, he picked up singles gold again: SSW World Television Title.

Still, the drug testing continued. Even though he was a champion, he was viewed as a cheater. Between that and his mounting frustration at never getting a belt rated higher than TV Title, Creed dropped the belt and disappeared again.

Frustrated with the continuous drug testing, Creed decided that if was going to be tested, he was going to give them a reason to test him. So Creed stacked several steroids with human growth hormones, and trained like a madman.

Upon entering EWA, he was billed at 285. Anyone who saw him, however, knew he was more along the lines of 485. He was so massively muscular, he seemed distorted. Joining another group of renegages, this time calling themselves 'The Brotherhood', Kodiak began another rampage of destruction. This time, the rampage paid off: Creed won the EWA United States Heavyweight Title.

Outside the ring, he still got into trouble. The Wilson Foundation's legal wizards were constantly kept busy with the charges Creed was racking up. Running around with The Brotherhood was only making things worse.

After kidnapping the pregnant wife of one of his opponents, Kodiak humiliated the poor woman. Creed was suspended again, this time for suspicion of steroid use. However, when he was tested this time, the results came up very positive. He was told he had to clean up before returning.

Having become familiar with the 'no holds barred' style of fighting which had become popular, Kodiak decided to ride out his suspension by competing in NHB tournaments. He got all the toxins out of his system, got back to his more natural 320 lbs, and began training for a 'vale tudo' tournament in Japan.

During his training, the EWA offices were vandalized, and burned to the ground. Even their ring equipment was sabotaged. Apparently, a disgruntled wrestler in the federation didn't like the fact that they were being passed over for title shots. So, they destroyed the offices, the equipment, everything. Needless to say, the EWA was forced to close it's doors.

By the time Creedzilla arrived in Japan, he had amassed quite a following. He had appeared in several North American TV shows such as 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'The X-Files', as well as a few movies. The Japanese media was all over him: could a professional wrestler/actor succeed in a no holds barred style of tournament?

* * * * *

People began to flock around Creed everywhere he went. While not the favorite to win the tournament, he was by far the people's favorite competitor. That sentiment was not shared by Creed's fellow competitors, who saw Creed as nothing more than a circus freak. They felt he was turning their honorable tournament into some kind of joke.

The night of the tournament was electric. The coverage was incredible; never had so many people tuned into a Vale Tudo tournament before. Rave told Vic that if he managed to win the whole thing, the endorsements would be rolling in. All he had to do was win.

The first match would be against a Russian Sambo expert named Nikita Zukov. Creed had the size and strength advantage, but the Russian had experience and stamina. Zukov circled the big man, shooting in for a double leg takedown. But Zukov came in too high, enabling Creed to grab him around the waist and pull him up into a piledriver. After driving Zukov's head into the mat, he picked up the stunned Russian and Creed Bombed him into the mat. Moving quickly, Creed got on top of the near unconscious Zukov and began pummeling him. The referee stepped in, stopping the fight and awarding the victory to Kodiak.

The second match pitted Creed against Japan's own Hiroshi Yokosaka. Yokosaka had a good blend of grappling as well as striking skill. Because Yokosaka was one of the favorites to win the tournament, Slade had Vic study hours and hours of Yokosaka's tapes.

Both men briefly shook hands at the start of the bout in a show of sportsmanship. That quickly faded as Yokosaka rocked Creed with a roundhouse kick to the head. Creed staggered back and Yokosaka went for a single leg takedown.

That's the move Kodiak was waiting for. As Yokosaka shot for the leg Creed dangled in front of him like a carrot, Kodiak brought his knee up into Yokosaka's face. Shocked and stunned, Yokosaka backed off. With a show of explosive accelleration, Creed took two steps and speared Yokosaka.

As Yokosaka got to his feet, Creed fired off a clothesline. Yokosaka ducked it, grabbing the arm and turning it into a painkiller armbar. With superhuman power, Creed got to his feet and lifted Yokosaka into the air, then slamming him back down. Adrenaline rushed through Creed's body as he scooped up Yokosaka by the throat, slamming him to the mat.

In desperation, Yokosaka kicked Creed's knee, toppling the big man. Yokosaka was on him immediately, choking him out from behind. Creed began gasping for air, the blood roaring in his ears. Showing power, Creed got to his feet with Yokosaka hanging on his back. Creed charged towards the ropes, ducking just beneath the top rope. The rope caught Yokosaka in the throat, knocking him off Creed's back. Stunned, Yokosaka could do nothing as Kodiak picked him up into a vertical suplex, and dropping him headfirst into a piledriver. KO via Kodiak Krippler.

Finally, the main event. Having made it farther than anyone thought, Kodiak went into the match the heavy underdog. His opponent? None other than the Icelandic wrecking machine and veteran Shootfighter, Nord Samuellson.

Samuellson was the much fresher of the two, having won both of his previous matches by knockout within the first thirty seconds of the bout. Nord had spent a total of 58 seconds in the ring, compared to the fifteen plus minutes of Creed.

In the most brutal match of the evening, Samuellson won by referee stoppage. Fatigue finally catching up to Creed, he could no longer defend himself against the jackhammer right hand of Samuellson which quickly turned him bloody.

Dispite the disappointing loss, Creed was not discouraged. The Wilson Foundation was getting paid through all the fitness suppliments and fitness wardrobe that Creed was promoting. He was getting involved in the entertainment industry as well. Using some of his celebrity contacts, he started making more appearances on TV and in movies. Creedzilla was becoming a Superstar in a big way!

One day, while on the set of a commercial shoot, one of the sound technicians gave a wrestling magazine to Creedzilla. He was the subject of an article about 'the greatest wrestlers never to win a world title.' That article bothered him. It was true; he was World Title material. Why had he never gotten a belt?

Putting the celebrity status on the back burner, Creed sent Rave on a mission: find a fed that won't shut down after two weeks. Rave came up big: the ICWF.

Run by a strong promoter and an excellent executive committee, ICWF was looking for talent. After Creed signed, he raised the bar as far as the talent went. He won the Universal Championship, the Heavyweight, the World, and finally united the three titles into the new World Heavyweight Title.

As the weeks went on, the talent continued to improve. Creed felt good; finally he was in a federation that was strong enough to go the distance. He was on top of the world.

But the ICWF was going through changes. It was forced to close briefly. When it reopened under the banner IWA, it was as strong as ever. The talent kept pouring in. Creed was proud to be the World Champion of such a great federation.

During a title match, he was attacked by one of the top contenders for his belt, which resulted in Creed losing the World Title. To make matters worse, the Vice President of the Federation was sitting at ringside. Creed rolled out of the ring to voice his displeasure at what had happened. The VP, who hated Creed from an altrication previously, struck Creed and threatened to fire him if Creed touched him. Needless to say, Creed got himself fired.

After about a month, the IWA contacted him again. The VP had been fired. Would he consider coming back? With that, Kodiak Vic Creed returned to the IWA.

During the first few weeks, Rave had told Vic that he might have something big for Kodiak. Very big. Finally, Rave gave him the news: Vic would be co-starring in the new True Lies sequal with none other than Arnold Schwarzeneggar! It was a role as the lead villan, which would pay him very, very well. It was a chance to do a high budget movie with his childhood idol! The opportunity of a lifetime!

With a heavy heart, Vic was forced to resign from IWA agian. But he made sure that while he was on the set, he'd always have a TV just so he could watch HIS federation. Every once in a while, he'd drop a line to his IWA compatriots just to find out what was new. But Kodiak kept one eye open, always hoping that he'd get the opportunity to step into the ring once again.

Vic quickly discovered that the Hollywood life just wasn't for him. During the final scene of the movie, Vic threw Arnold Schwarzeneggar through the prop elevator shaft, and got himself fired from the movie. Creed wasted no time in returning to the IWA and making waves like only he could. He began winnin