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January 24, 2018

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Biography: Spyder

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Miguel Hernando
AKA: The Spyder
Known Aliases: Black Red, Nameless, Temerario

Birth Date: March 11,
Hometown: San Pedro, Mexico

Height: 5' 11
Weight: 214
Blood Type: O Negative
Eye Color: Brown

Theme Song: Rammstein, by Rammstein Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher: Frog Splash (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name: The Bite
Wrestling Style

Wrestling Style: Lucha

General Moveset: Plancha, Tope, Hurac?rana, Guillotina

Lightheavyweight Moveset: Cent

Heavyweight Moveset: Boston Crab, Backbreaker

Super Heavyweight Moveset: Piledriver, Espanos Planes

Hardcore Moveset: Chair use, ladder use

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:
1-Time Cruiserweight Championship Title Holder
3-Time Hardcore Championship Title Holder
1-Time Internet Championship Title Holder
1-Time United States Championship Title Holder
1-Time World Heavyweight Championship Title Holder

Other Promotions: EMMC, MWA, LAWL, CWL, ULWA, AJPA, SCPW
Other Championships: EMMC World Championship, EMMC Tag Team Championship, EMMC 6-Man Championship, MWA Heavyweight Championship, MWA Global Championship, MWA Cruiserweight Championship, LAWL Global Unified Championship, LAWL Hardcore Championship, LAWL Tag Team Championship, ULWA Crusierweight Championship, ULWA Hardcore Championship, AJPA World Heavyweight Championship, AJPA Triple Crown, AJPA Tag Team Championship
Other Awards: RSPWF Wrestler of the Year, All Pro Lucha Wrestler of the Year, EFWW Triple Crown Promotion Winner


Past Teams: Spyder & Los Lucha, Spyder & Los Latin, Spyder & Red Dragon, Spyder & Adamson, Spyder & Magica, Spyder & Black Wolf, Spyder & Fallen & Neo, Spyder & Great Dragon

Trainer: Eduardo Sanrito


One of the longer running wrestling stars in Mexico is the always fast, always dangerous Black Red, lucha hardcore warrior, the Spyder. The Spyder gives no quarter and aligns with nobody. Despite his alignment however, the Spyder has become a crowd favorite due to his flashing, audence engaging style. His matches are always high flying, almost always bloody, and people can count on them being violent and extreme.

Miguel Hernando started his career as a green face in 1984 in Zacatecas, Mexico, but soon found an aggressive temperament that was far more suited to the classical heels of lucha libre. Touring across Mexico, the Spyder gained accolates wherever he went but found it difficult to break into the size-heavy United States wrestling market.

Spyder came to the fWo during the restart of the promotion in 2003. Spyder was part of the group of wrestlers in SCPW, the development promotion of the fWo. Working with Silver Fox, he joined the fWo and at once got into trouble with the promotion.

A current and unabashed herion addict, Spyder's drug use ultimately led to the fWo losing the right to run shows inside the United States for a period of time. During this, Spyder formed the Triple Thread, comprising of himself, Neo and Fallen. In this group, Spyder captured the fWo World Heavyweight Championship, and went on to hold the Internet, United States, Cruiserweight and Hardcore Championship in the space of a year's time. As 2004 drew to a close, Spyder sought to obtain the fWo Tag Team Championship, thus holding every title the fWo has to offer.

But in the end the Flying Frenchie ruined his chances at sweeping all of the titles in the fWo, and Spyder, seething, quit the promotion. But as he prepared to leave the building he was shot by Fallen, who had lost his mind and went on a murderous rampage that claimed the lives of several other fWo members. Spyder was presumed dead by the fWo, but due to a misunderstanding at the hospital he was mistaken for Temerario, another latino masked wrestler who actually did perish in the event.

Consumed with anger, not at Fallen but at the Frenchie who Spyder blamed for his fall from grace, Spyder donned Temerario's costume and renamed himself "Nameless". For nearly a year he worked to befriend the Frenchie with false outrage at Fallen and the Frenchie's enemies. Waiting for his opportunity, Spyder saw it when the Flying Frenchie made it into the finals of the Wrestler of the Year tournament. In an act of retribution, Spyder ruined the Frenchie's chances for victory and revealed himself to the world.

Today, Spyder continues his fued against the Frenchie, and also strives to once again hold the fWo World Heavyweight Championship and do what he does best... which is bad news for everyone else.

If your taste is violence, brutality, blood, sweat and tears, the Spyder is your man. His wrestling style is 100% rudo, his mannerisms 100% flashy and his attitude 100% dangerous.