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February 20, 2018

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Biography: Tony Davis

Vital Statistics
Tony Davis

Tony Davis
Real Name: Anthony
AKA: Former Degenerate, Seller of Nads, Destroyer of Heat,

Birth Date: January 14th, 1977
Hometown: Camden, NJ

Height: 6'2
Weight: 237
Blood Type: O-
Eye Color: Green

Theme Song: 'I Hope You Die' by The Bloodhound Gang(Team V.I.A.G.R.A. theme) Amazon | You Tube | Google
Finisher Information Finisher: Double Underhook Piledriver (Click Here to view example)
Finisher Name: The Equalizer
Alternate Finishers: Shhhh![With Crowd Reaction] (Front Russian Legsweep), Eireachdail (Super Inverted Suplex), Sweet Dreams (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster),
Wrestling Style
Tony Davis

Wrestling Style: Technical with a pinch of speed

General Moveset: Affliction, Cloverleaf, Missle Dropkick, Tree of Woe stretch, Single-leg Boston Crab,

Lightheavyweight Moveset: Suicide Dive through middle ropes

Heavyweight Moveset: Extended Brainbuster, Belly to Belly Suplex, Sitout Body Slam Piledriver, Spinning Powerbomb off the ropes (ie, Tony's on the mat, opponent on the turnbuckle), Reverse DVD,

Super Heavyweight Moveset: Short-Arm Lariat, Rolling Armbar Takedown, Running Swinging Neckbreaker, Spinebuster, Northern Lights Suplex, Inverted Suplex, Inverted DDT, Sleeper Slam, Sleeper Backbreaker, Standing Dropkick

Hardcore Moveset: Sledgehammer. Mary-Lynn's clipboard.

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:

Other Promotions: FWL, IWO, Action!, fWo(04), jOlt, nbW, PRIME
Other Championships: IWO World Heavyweight Title, IWO North American Title, IWO Tag Team Titles (w/ Chris Anthony & High Flyer x2), jOlt Tag Team Title (w/ Chris Register & High Flyer x2), PRIME World Tag Team Titles(w/High Flyer)[x3], the Squared Circle Tag Team Titles[x3]
Other Awards: IWO Hall of Fame, 2001 IWO Feud of the Year(vs. Flyer), PRIME Best Tag Team 2007-2008


Current Team: Team V.I.A.G.R.A.
Past Teams: Fueled By V.I.A.G.R.A.

Stable: w/Russa & Lactose the Intolerant(Past)
Manager: Mary-Lynn Mayweather, Chris Anthony, Dane Wilt
Trainer: Jeremy Odesa

Tony Davis

A clueless and bored veteran of the sport, Tony Davis
hardly remembers where he is most of the time, yet alone that it's inside of a FWO ring. Almost as bad as an Alzheimer's patient, Davis is simply disinterested in achieving anything further than what he already has. Gold, to him, has no longer been shiny enough to him.

Because of this, he recorded a Rock-Hip-Hop album in order to go Platinum.

It didn't even go Gold.

And so Tony Davis, still clueless, living in 2003's wrestling world with the pop culture memory of someone who just got into the Bangles when they first emerged onto the scene, Tony Davis looks to cut a swaft through fWo's contenders.

Perhaps even, his brother-in-law and tag team champion High Flyer.

Who knows.