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January 24, 2018

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Biography: Xander Scott

Vital Statistics
Xander Scott

Xander Scott
Real Name: Alexander Scott Skoljarov
AKA: Xan

Birth Date: February 26, 1990
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio

Height: 6'1
Weight: 205
Blood Type: AB+
Eye Color: Blue

Finisher Information Alternate Finishers: Springboard swanton, Top rope body splash,
Wrestling Style
Xander Scott

Wrestling Style: High Spot

General Moveset: Openings - Spinning leg scissors takedown, Running Knee Lift, Arm Drag w/ Arm Wrench, Drop Toe Hold, Leg Drag, Running back elbow, leg sweep, Kick to stomach w/ Ax Kick, Beg off w/ thumb to eye, Kick to stomach w/ enzuiguri, In ring springboard off middle rope into rolling leg scissors takedown, Eye rake into corner whip usually followed with a flipping moonsault bodysplash. When he has opponent down, he moves to this moveset typically - Leglock, Spinning neckbreaker, Spinning boot scrape, Flying mat facedriver, In ring moonsault, Springboard clothesline, Leg-scissors stomp, Inverted DDT, Tornado DDT from corner, Springboard hurricarana, Rope whip into body press pin

Lightheavyweight Moveset: Against cruisers, he'll turn into a spot monkey. His move list stays pretty consistent, except he'll add more flips and such (tilt-a-whirl becomes added to most any slam type move).

Super Heavyweight Moveset: Against a super heavy, he relies on cheating and aerial tactics, mostly trying to stay away from the brute.

Hardcore Moveset: He learned this in his backyard. Take any move. Add a chair. Or a ladder. Or a table. He'll do it, especially if it gets a pop from the crowd.

Championships and Awards

Complete title history:


Trainer: Santino Bros.

Xander Scott

Alexander Skoljarov was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio the third child of four siblings(an older and younger brother and an older sister). His father was an accountant. His mother was a homemaker. It was a boring life, unless you liked skating - Springfield has a kick-butt skatepark. Alex, or Xander as he preferred, did a bit of that but watched as those around him languished, often turning to drugs and never leaving the Buckeye state. He had to get out.

So at 18, with his parent's complete DISapproval, he moved to California. He tried his hand at modeling, but kept getting creeps who wanted to take nude photos of him. He tried acting, but couldn't make it out of the slush pile. So, he waited tables and looked for his calling. One bright spot, he was able to talk (or sneak) his way into most Hot Spots along Sunset, and there saw Superstar Vince Jacobs getting special treatment. He asked about him, and learned that he was a pro wrestler.

Here came the idea. Xan decided to learn wrestling. He trained for a year in a brutal, stiff style, and took his lumps. He hated it nearly as bad as Springfield, but he held to the hope that it wouldn't take long for him to get a spot with a major company.

When he heard the fWo was opening, he took that as his chance, and staked out Superstar Vince Jacobs house in Hollywood, CA. He learned where SVJ went and how best to bump into the former fWo star. He noticed that Vince was flying to Seattle a lot, and assumed that he was attempting to finalize a new fWo contract. He made his move, "bumping" into SVJ on Sunset.

It didn't go well, Xan's usual swift tongue not getting out of Vince's own tongue lashing. Honesty did work, Xan telling Vince that he wanted to get a spot. Vince smirked. Yeah, that was trouble.

He unloaded a plan on Xander. Xan would play a new writer in the new fWo. He would be Vince's voice before the Superstar made his grand entrance. If Xan pulled it off, then he'd have his fWo contract. Using his quick tongue and Hollywood agent style savvy, he pulled it off. Next stop - the fWo ring