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January 24, 2018

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Sunday Slaughter

December 08, 2002

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Yukio vs. Aimee Horihito

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YukioAimee Horihito

Yukio burst from the curtains and jogged down the entrance ramp toward the ring, fist pumping in the air and hair whipping wildly around her head as she ran. The crowd cheered loudly as Yukio hopped up onto the ring apron, then tumbled inside over the ropes slowly, allowing for gravity and momentum to ride her black leather skirt high up her thighs. Grinning as she paced into the center of the ring she removed her jacket and skirt, revealing simple spandex wrestling gear in black and red. She nodded toward the ring announcer, asking for the microphone. As one was handed to her, she beamed out at the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is my fWo debut match. But that's not really important, is it? A few weeks ago I came out to the ring with one Jimmy Dudley..."

Boos filled the arena, and Yukio nodded her head in sympathy and understanding.

"Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. Anyway, I was right here in the middle of the ring greeting all of my great fans in a very special way... and I think you know what way I'm talking about..."

More cheering, and Yukio's smile broadened.

"Anyway, for one reason or another things didn't go as planned. But tonight, right here in Denver, Colorado... I'm going to show all of you what the rocky mountains really look like! Hit the..."

But before Yukio could ask for her music to be played again, another wrestler emerged from the curtains, a microphone in her hand. At first fans didn't recognize the newcomer, but slowly word began to spread. Aimee Horihito glared down at the ring, stomping one foot on the metal entrance ramp for emphasis.

"You are a disgrace! A disgrace to good wrestlers out there! Years ago I worked with you in Japan... now you have come to this country and look what it has done to you! This is wrestling, not entertainment and not a strip show! If this is the kind of sleaze that you think is wrestling now, then I'm going to come down to the ring right now and teach you a thing or two about respect!"

Aimee Horihito dropped the microphone and ran down the entrance ramp toward the ring. A referee followed her down, and the timekeeper rang the bell for the impromptu match just as Aimee Horihito slid into the ring. She was met at once by a hard clothesline from Yukio, who dropped her down to the mat with authority. Yukio quickly picked her up, slammed her on the mat, and ran to the ropes. She jumped up to the second rope and flipped off with a bodysault, but Horihito raised her knees and caught Yukio in the chest. The wind knocked out of her, both women rolled to either side of the ring to recover from the fast opening.

Horihito was the first to stagger to her feet and she snapped a rising Yukio right back down with a stiff STO. Horihito headed for the corner and ascended the ropes, going for the double jump moonsault. She timed it, and just as Yukio started to show life she nailed the move and it found its mark. Horihito leaned over for a cover, but Yukio shot the shoulder up in time just after the second hand dropped for the two count. Horihito, frustrated by the non-finish, looked out at the crowd and took the time to yell at nearby fans before attempting a whip. But this delay was too long and a recovered Yukio reversed to a forearm smash. Yukio came off the ropes, going for her springboard inverted DDT but Horihito countered with a quick snap mare that knocked Yukio flat.

Screaming with rage, Horihito went for a power bomb on the limp body of Yukio, but Yukio countered and dropped Aimee Horihito an inverted DDT. Struggling to stay conscious, Yukio draped an arm over Horihito for the cover. The count... one, two, but then at the last possible second Horihito made an extremely late kick out. Slowly getting to their feet, Yukio attempts a whip but Aimee Horihito reversed and hooked a backslide cover for another quick two count. Thrusting her body up faster and whipping around, Yukio snared Horihito with an inside cradle for a return two count.

On their feet, Yukio tried to follow up with a lariat, but Horihito ducked, grabbed a waist lock and pushed Yukio into a roll up from there for a two count. The crowd was loud, getting into the quick pinfall attempts and back and forth nature of the match. Yukio went for a schoolboy for yet another near fall, then she tried for a sunset flip but Horihito blocked it. Aimee Horihito fell into the ropes and back, but Yukio leapfrogged her. Horihito tried for a sunset flip on the way back, and Yukio rolled all the way through the flip to the rolling DDT. Flattened, Yukio raised her tired arms to the crowd, Yukio turned and hitting the Sliding Thunder, her running bulldog finishing move, on the helpless Aimee Horihito.

Yukio made the cover for the pin, and this time Aimee Horihito could not raise an arm in time. Smiling, after the bell, Yukio raised an arm to the crowd, then turned as Horihito grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. The two stared at each other for a moment, then Horihito extended her hand and the two shook in a sign of mutual respect. Yukio beamed, then turned and continued to wave out at the crowd. Just as she did so, Horihito hit her from behind with a running clothesline that nearly took Yukio's head off as she was slammed face first into the mat. Laughing, Horihito spat on the young superstar and exited the ring to a chorus of boos as Wednesday Warfare went to a commercial break...

Result: Yukio, by Pinfall