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February 20, 2018

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Disney's Monday Night Ruahh~!

March 14, 2005

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Yes. A Sun Is A Star. But It Is No SUPERSTAR!

The last week? Yeah, not so great for one Sonny Silver, who was currently leaning against the wall backstage. He hadn't felt like maiming anybody this week. In fact, this was about one of the few times in his lengthy career that he hadn't enjoyed coming to work.

His modus operandi since day one of joining the fWo was simple...get the fWo World Championship. Of course, since Jim Dudley was a gigantic douche that didn't particularly care for Sonny or his rookie-career-ending, TV camera-smashing shenanigans, he told Sonny point-blank; the title will never be attained by you if I have anything to say about it.

So to sum it up? Sonny was lost. Very much so.

He could've skipped the show, but he decided against it. He'd at least give himself time to think. Who knows? Maybe somebody would come along and piss him off and he could fight. Fighting was always good. That brought a smile to his face.

And that smile quickly faded when a certain guy who we'll call "Superstar" Vince Jacobs made his way through the hallway.

"Hey Sonny, how goes the quest for the fWo World Title." Vince said with a smirk knowing how to kick a man when they are down but Sonny was violent enough to snap Vince's neck. Two crazy people talking does not bode well for fWo.

"Hey, Vince," Sonny calmly retorted. "I see the quest for getting your ass kicked is going well. Tell XXXstasy I said hi."

Jacobs smirk faded as he walked closer to Sonny Silver. "Listen up tSC reject. Just because you can win a crap title in a crap promotion doesn't make you fWo World Championship material. You beat Alias for the tSC championship." Jacobs gave Sonny a golf clap.

"I have been beaten Chris' ass all over the world. Same thing goes for Sean he knows that I own him. I was actually trying to be sympathetic to your cause but there is something that Vince doesn't take to kindly to and that's smart asses."

The Silver Lining REALLY did not wish to deal with YOUR GOD right now. He was in a miserable enough mood without having to get into verbal fights with Vince....but hey. Even when in a bad as the Romans do.

"While I don't agree with your opinions of tSC, I do applaud your multiple beatings of Alias," Sonny said. "Seriously. Can Alias go two seconds without bitching about how his past glory is behind him? Of course, I beat him for the tSC Championship; softening him up for you taking the ACW belt off him..." he trailed off, quietly.

"Well thank you Mr. Silver. I appreciate that but I don't think that was the case. I believe all my beatings and mind games on poor ol Alias softened him up for your great title win. Plus you and I know that if you want to be anybody in this sport then you need to hold the fWo Championship. A title that I will be adding to my resume soon. Sorry to say you won't be. But cheer up old man your time will come in another ten years or so." Jacobs said with the ever-present smirk back on his face

What was it that was said about Sonny a couple weeks back with Mega Job?




"Okay, Supershit," Sonny coldly stared at him. "As much fun as trying to NOT deal with you has been, I'm challenging you to a match. Frankly, I've got nothing less than a world full of frustration that I'm willing to utilize against you. Accept and I won't rip your larynx out right now."

"You know what Sonny, I need to release some aggression myself. So I accept your challenge. I'll see you in the ring quick-silver." Jacobs said as he walked away with a match for tonight.

Two pissed off fWo superstars in the same ring at the same time.

Could be trouble...