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February 20, 2018

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FWO reAction

January 14, 2009

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Ivy McGinnis always put her makeup on somewhere other than the locker room. She enjoyed the camraderie and the conversation and ribbing that always took place, but she was also severely nearsighted.

Outlining her eyes when she had to take her glasses off meant she needed to be inches from the mirror, and the typical locker room atmosphere put an unstable element into the equation.

"Hey Ivy..."

Of course, since this is the fWo, why would the ladies room be a safe haven?

"I'm a little busy right now Adrian, can it wait?"

Adrian Evans had taken one step inside the room. He approached Ivy as quickly as his three foot nine frame would allow. A walkie - talkie was clipped to his waist, and he wore a faded maroon baseball cap, plain black T shirt, and faded black pants.

"It's a little urgent," he said.

Ivy turned her head, one eye completed, and looked down at him. Three and a half years ago, a wooden cross exploded in her face and she was left sightless. Her friends in the NYPD had provided her with a seeing - eye dog, and an old war buddy, Joey Melton, had sent Adrian to her as a Chris Rock inspired 'seeing eye man.' Adrian had wrestled in the past as Little Voltron, the World Junior Junior Champion, and quickly proved his value beyond a simple pair of eyes. Even after she was able to see again, Ivy kept him on her payroll, first as her chief of security and then as her personal assistant.

"Spyder's missing," he finished.

"Fuckin' typical," replied Ivy, as she returned her attention to the mirror, "Not only did I give Beaven a complete review of the entire roster as of 2005, but Tallison is on staff and he should've known better. Do they know what they're gonna do yet?"

Adrian hesitated. "There's a plan..."

"Good. What is it?"

"He's not here, though."


"William had an idea and it's a good one, but nobody knows where this guy is."

"Who is it?"

He told her. Her eyes widened.

"Damn," she said, "That is good. So?"

Adrian's eyes moved from Ivy's face to her bag. "Like I said, nobody knows how to get in touch with him."

It took her a second, but Ivy followed his gaze. "You're not suggesting--"

"Last time I synced your phone, you had over five hundred contacts in there," he pointed out, "including our boy."

"I don't do this anymore," she replied, "I can't get involved again, Adrian... it's too hard."

"So call him, and ask him to call William."

It was a staredown. Adrian was one of the only people who had ever won one against Ivy.

"You're a pain in the ass, y'know that?" she asked, as she reached into her bag for her cell phone and scrolled through her contacts.

"It's just one call," assured Adrian, "Good of the show, right? That's why you're here, that's why Eli's here."

She smiled. "Hello? Hey, it's Ivy McGinnis, how are you?"

Adrian watched her face for reaction. He might've won the staredown, but Ivy's poker face remained impenetrable.

"Good, good. You still in town?"

She smiled.

"Listen--yeah, I'm at the arena. We've kinda got a situation, how far away are you?"

Although he couldn't hear the other end of the conversation, Adrian felt relief rush through his veins when Ivy exhaled. She shot him a thumbs up, and he turned towards the door.

"Great," said Ivy, as she paced, "So we're in kind of a tight spot and could use a favor. How's my credit?"

The door closed, and Ivy went to work.