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January 24, 2018

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FWO reAction

January 14, 2009

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Karina Wolfenden vs. "The Original" Jeff Garvin

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Karina Wolfenden

Ding, ding!

Before the echo of the bell had even begun to subside, Wolfenden went to once again fire off snap kick to Garvin’s thigh, only to check it and instead whip her body through to smash The Original’s jaw out of line with a spinning backfist. Caught off-guard as he stepped in to catch the kick, Jeff fought against his own footing to stay upright before dropping back against the turnbuckles.

In the blink of an eye, almost leaving a multicoloured trail across the ring, Karina followed up by flinging herself into the corner, drilling the points of both raised knees into the chest of her recent conqueror.

Holding on for the ride as her winded opponent dropped forward, Karina almost collapsed both of Jeff’s lungs as he flopped into an inverted lungblower. With The Original heaving in wheezing breaths on the canvas, The K-Wolf shuffled into position, wound herself up, then launched herself into a standing corkscrew senton, landing it across Garvin’s chest.



Springing up to her feet and almost visibly crackling with kinetic energy, Wolfenden urged The Tennessee Technician up onto one knee. Quick enough to force the ringside cameramen to play catch-up, Kari hopped onto Jeff’s thigh, using it as a launch pad to thrust a knee towards his face… only for her footing to desert her as Garvin pushed his planted foot out and leant back out of the arc of Karina’s strike.

Clamping Karina’s right leg, Garvin sprung to his feet and again went to turn through into a half Boston crab but a squirming Wolfenden had learnt her lesson. After allowing herself to be turned, The K-Wolf doubled her body over and squirmed out, escaping the hold.

But not Garvin’s grip.

Dropping to the canvas, The Original rolled over, twisting Karina’s ankle round to secure a heel hook. Her face wracked with agony, and with her free foot thrashing against the canvas, Wolfenden reached in vain for the ropes.

But, anchored in the centre of the ring by Garvin’s 252 pounds, they only seemed to retreat further from her desperate fingertips.

A pained shriek then escaped Karina’s lips as Jeff wrenched tighter on the hold, eliminating every option other than to…


Ding, ding!

Garvin had quite literally found her Achilles heel.

With The Tennessee Technician’s torturous hold released, Karina Wolfenden simply lay looking up at the blinding lighting rig above. A sigh of frustration was wafted by a shake of the head, out of disbelief.

That was not how it was meant to happen.

“Is this really what the new fWo has to offer?” bemoaned Garvin. “I could have escaped that hold after my first day, scratch that, morning of training. See, I give a damn about this sport, Skittles. My sweat beats you hair-dye, every night of the week. Men like me actually respect the profession enough to learn the basics rather than see how many pointless spins or twists we can do. For that reason, I ain’t letting you off this easy. Now, get the hell up.”

Engaging The Original with a vitriolic stare, Wolfenden climbed to her feet, body still slouched with defeat.

“You don’t even get a say in this, Skittles,” he decreed. “We either go one more time and prove you at least deserve a shot startin’ at the bottom here… or I drag you backstage, grab your bags, and toss you out of the fWo for good. Either’s fine with me.”

Karina dropped her head to the side, then gave the time-keeper a look that could have communicated only three words.

Result: Jeff Garvin via submission