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February 20, 2018

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FWO reAction

January 21, 2009

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Key Arena, Seattle, WA

FWO reAction

Episode 2
January 21, 2009

After the successful return of the FWO from years of hiatus, the roster of the FWO turns their attention to the weeks ahead. But old rivalries die hard and some new fueds are about to erupt into dangerous new territory. Also, the final fate of Spyder is revealed at last.

Location: Key Arena, Seattle, WA
Attendence: 7,432

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Chapter 1: Honor, Respect, and the FWO.
Chapter 2: Anarchy No More
Chapter 3: Strike Two
Chapter 4: A New Addition
Chapter 5: Chance Meeting
Chapter 6: Setting the Stage... For Next Week
Chapter 7: The Mystery Man Promo
Chapter 8: Stop The Violence? Never.
Chapter 9: All this has happened before, and it will happen again
Chapter 10: A Tense Conversation
Chapter 11: Campaigning for a Better FWO
Chapter 12: Tag Team Partners
Chapter 13: Mike Bear & Brawn vs. Jeff Garvin & Keith Scott Zimmerman
Chapter 14: Sending a message, whatever that might be
Chapter 15: Alone...
Chapter 16: Calm Before Storm
Chapter 17: Dusk vs. killjoy
Chapter 18: The Warning Signal
Chapter 19: "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Rana Venenosa
Chapter 20: A Passing Moment
Chapter 21: Crossed off
Chapter 22: Traveling Fight Club
Chapter 23: McGuyver Brawling
Chapter 24: The Blood Continues to Drip
Chapter 25: This Could Be The Start Of Something
Chapter 26: Jack Sweetwater vs. Franco Marx
Chapter 27: Graphic Violence vs. Krow
Chapter 28: Demotivational speaking
Chapter 29: Karina Wolfenden vs. High Flyer ©
Chapter 30: Retribution and Vengeance