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January 24, 2018

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FWO reAction

January 21, 2009

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Anarchy No More

January 21st, 2009; The Fans Wrestling Organization actually made it to a second show without an influx of anarchy and mayhem. Steven Shadows could still smell the dusty ember and fiery flames from that fateful day in 2005. He internally compared the carnage to situations he witnessed while deployed into the sandy hellhole known as the war zone of Iraq. It was a mental sigh of relief to know that his current destination would not lead to such chaos.

Shadows parked his rent-a-car in the closest spot he could find and sat in peaceful silence for a moment. He observed his surroundings and was relieved to find that things were as they were. He watched stage hands scurry around with stacks of papers and/or electronic equipment, screaming into their headpiece to ‘get off their ass’ or ‘fix the damn problem’. Shadows grinned amusingly at the “chaos” of backstage life and even chuckled at its foolishness. If this was the worse he had to deal with, then things would run swimmingly.

As he exited his rent-a-car and snatched his things, he paused for a moment as his eyes caught glimpse of the fWo Hardcore Championship. Suddenly, his peaceful disposition began to sour as his eyes glanced upon the crude text etched into the leather back of his title; it read “Nice piece of jewelry, win it on your own?” The docile tone of his outlook was replaced by a deep seeded rage. His teeth grinded furiously (almost cracking under the pressure), his eyes widened (as if shooting through the culprit of the message) and his muscles tensed (shaking ever-so-slightly, as if subduing the impending violent outburst). His glare seemed only momentary, but in reality lasted long enough for his appearance to be discovered by an excited Kristen Jacobs.

The knocking on the window, and the incessant “Graphic Violence, Graphic Violence, can we get a word with you?” grew annoying; which became apparent to Kristen after Shadows turned sharply and shot a gaze of death towards her. She nervously back stepped and gingerly asked for a quick interview. GV curled a lip towards the camera and its beaming light and groaned infuriatingly at it. But, he thought to himself, this is the life of a pro wrestler. If this was the worse he had to deal with, then things would run swimmingly.

GV snatched his fWo Hardcore Championship up and slung his prize over his shoulder arrogantly. The moment he stepped out of the car, he was met with an excited Kristen Jacobs and a microphone in his face.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Kristen Jacobs,” Kristen said happily into the camera. “And I’m standing here with the reigning fWo Hardcore Champion and the 2005 Wrestler of the Year, Graphic Violence.”

Shadows stared emotionlessly at Kristen, but smirked a bit at the cheap pop he heard backstage from the crowd. He was still remembered, and rightfully so. Did you hear those accolades?

“Now, sources have told me that tonight, you’re scheduled to defend your fWo Hardcore Championship for the very first time since 2005,” Kristen chirped.

Shadows shot a surprised glance at Kristen and stared into the distance confusedly. Kristen took notice of the surprise and quickly commented.

“Is this news to you?” she asked as she thrust a microphone in front of Shadows.

“That it is,” Shadows replied coldly. “But you’re talking to a guy who survived every ‘surprise’ that came his way. You’re talking to a guy who survived a war zone in Iraq, where every day was a ‘surprise’. So if defending this title is the worst thing I’ve got to deal with, than I’m fine with it. After all, I didn’t win this thing to have it sit on my shoulder all day. So, whose the poor son of a bitch with the unfortunate pleasure of facing me?”

“Actually, we don’t know,” Kristen said as Shadows thinned his eyes curiously. “On fWo.com, the opponent was not announced. It simply said, ‘Graphic Violence will defend his fWo Hardcore Championship for the first time since 2005’. But my sources tell me that your opponent this week may have to do with the sign left to you last week.”

Kristen quickly noticed Graphic Violence’s cold stare turn into one with increasing anger. She took soft baby steps backwards, but continued to hold the microphone at Graphic Violence’s mouth. GV cleared his throat loudly and cracked his neck to the side, as if forcing out the angry tenseness within him. His silence sent a shiver up Kristen’s spine and she could feel the hairs on her arms stand at attention. GV moved sharply and flipped the Hardcore Championship off his shoulder to view the crude message on the back of it. His lips quivered angrily as he stared at the ominous words.

”You know what?” GV said. “I don’t know who the hell did this, but it was a big mistake to try and piss me off this early. And I’ll say this --”




The fWo Hardcore Champion quickly paused mid-sentence as a lone applause echoed in the parking lot of the Key Arena. While docile and slow in its rhythm, it was shrouded by a sense of ominous premonitions. Shadows quickly recognized the daunting message and looked out of the corner of his eyes. As Kristen questioned the applause, cameras followed Shadows’ gaze.

Some fans cheered at his appearance, recognizing him from previous stints in professional wrestling (most notably the P.I.W.), while others, those who were not so familiar with his work, watched intently at the TravisTron as cameras fixated on a pale man seated loosely on the hood of Shadows’ rent-a-car. His back was turned to the camera, and all that could be made out was his long black hair and his tattered trench coat. He threw his black-gloved hands in front of him and calmly clapped while chuckling amusingly.

”Great performance,” the man said amusingly as he halted his applause. “You’re stern words would chill any other man to the bone. And the veins that protrude from your neck would send any other opponent to their knees, begging for mercy.”

He sighed deeply as he looked to the ceiling for a moment.

“Unfortunately for you, that act grew stale with me a long time ago. It didn’t work before,” he turned around swiftly along the top of the car and smiled at Shadows. The fans whom recognized him popped for his long-awaited return, while others continued to watch curiously, “And it won’t work now.”

“What the FUCK are you doing here?” Shadows sharply questioned as he threw his championship to the floor and pointed at it. “Did you write that shit?”

“What do you think, smart guy?” the man asked arrogantly.

“What? When did fWo start signing any fucking bum off the streets? What the FUCK is Beaven doing to this company?” Graphic Violence angrily shouted.

“Bum off the streets? Is that what you think I am?” he asked rhetorically as he calmly slid off the hood and leaned against the side of the rent-a-car, while clicking his teeth in disappointment. “I’m not just some bum from some “dive”, I’ve got quite the history in this…business.”

The man began taking slow steps towards Graphic Violence.

“I’ve held quite the accolades myself under the name Krow for a company that was deemed the ‘indy opposition’ to this company,” he said calmly, as some of the crowd popped. “I’ve held World Titles. I’ve held Hardcore Titles. I’ve achieved many victories in a variety of torturous matches; I’ve got the scars to prove it. And I know you have, as well. But…do you know what makes you and me so very different?”

“Yeah,” Shadows said as he clenched his fist. “A black eye.”


Kristen Jacobs scurried away in fright, screaming the entire way, as Shadows sent a stiff fist into Krow’s face. Krow stumbled into the side of the rent-a-car, while Shadows snatched the very camera that interviewed him and flung it towards Krow. Krow narrowly dodged the attack and another cameraman rushed to the scene to capture Krow spearing GV to the ground! The two men began throwing wild fists into one another as two nearby security personnel rushed to the scene. Their efforts were rewarded uniquely. One security personnel was given a bloody lip after receiving a stiff elbow from Graphic Violence, while the other security personnel received a broke nose courtesy of a headbutt from Krow.

The brawl didn’t stop, after the guards were ‘set aside’, the two men quickly attempted to spear head into one another and began throwing wild fists back into each other’s faces. The brawl commenced through the parking lot, as GV managed to launch Krow into the side of a nearby jeep. GV attempted to throw a fist into Krow’s face, but Krow narrowly dodged and said-fist went shattering through the driver’s side window. Krow quickly speared GV into another nearby vehicle and prepared to kick GV right in the face, but GV dodged and Krow sent his own foot right into the passenger’s side window of the Sedan. GV took advantage of Krow’s imprisonment and locked a rear naked chokehold onto Krow. Krow’s face began to turn blue as he struggled for any amount of oxygen he could capture. But through his efforts, Krow pulled his leg from the glassy prison and ran forward and threw his body sideways, sandwiching GV’s body between the Jeep and Krow’s weight, and leaving a large dent in the side of the vehicle. Krow began to hammer away at GV furiously, but GV rose and speared Krow through the entrance door, forcing both men to tumble onto the floor of the backstage area.

Backstage personnel scattered from the two bruised behemoths as they rose and quickly butted heads right away. It was GV that was able to overpower Krow and use his trench coat to launch the former PIW wrestler onto a nearby catering table, filled with an assortment of sandwiches, snacks and drinks. All of which had been neatly prepared by an odd-looking man dressed in a tattered button down shirt and dirty slacks.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing to my masterful work?!” he screamed angrily as he jumped up and down, almost knocking his own glasses off his face.

As Lowell protested the brawl, The two managed to pull away from the table as Krow sent GV into the adjacent wall and began elbowing the bald-headed war veteran in the face. GV ate the shots and yelled defiantly as he headbutted Krow right between the eyes! Krow retracted a few steps and shook his head to numb the pain. As the two men rested for a split second, Lowell rushed over to the table and began to salvage what he could and re-organize the table to its former glory. But his efforts were in vain. He heard the monstrous roar of Graphic Violence and quickly stumbled away from the table as he turned to see GV charge Krow full steam and lift him onto his shoulder.

”NOOOOOO!!!” screamed Lowell as GV looked to slam Krow through the table, but regretfully hadn’t realized Krow’s front face lock that DRILLED GV’s skull through the catering table, using his own momentum against him, with a DDT!

As the crowd let out an emphatic “OHHH!,” Lowell fell to his knees in disbelief and shouted out.

“Aw fuck, my hard work…ruined!” Lowell hollered in disbelief. However, his momentary depression was stopped by his realization of the camera beaming down upon him. His eyes widened like a deer in headlights and he quickly scurried down the hallway to avoid being exposed any further. The cameras watched the homely looking man dart away, but returned to the mayhem as GV and Krow groaned in pain and rolled away from one another.

GV clutched his skull and winced in pain, while Krow arched his back and favored the lower half of it.

Security took advantage of the situation and quickly helped the two men up and inched them away from one another. But GV’s shouting quickly reinvigorated the brawl. GV and Krow easily disposed of the nuisances with great ferocity. GV went as far as digging his thumbs into the eyes of one of the security team members, while Krow the opportunity of distraction to dispose of the final security team members at his side and charge GV. Unfortunately for Krow, GV’s military training proved to be useful; he heard the foot stomps of Krow and thrust Krow’s momentum right through a nearby locker room door.

Announcers watching the event questioned where the anger and rage between the two men was coming from, and commented how it seems their battle cannot be stopped. However, cameras stayed fixated on the two bloody beasts as GV followed Krow into the locker room of…

“What the FUCK is this?”

Keith Scott Zimmerman.

Krow and GV continued their back and forth brawling, as they topple over a variety of different chairs, benches and luggage, and even use some nearby table fans and other utensils as weapons on one another. While the brawl continues, KSZ begins growing annoyed at the mayhem and starts shouting at the two ‘idiots’ to get out of his locker room. He angry yells grow annoying for GV, who turns towards KSZ and shouts…

“Shut the FUCK up”


A first comes flying into KSZ’s jaw and sends the former fWo Champion to the ground. The crowd ROARS in cheers at the show of violence, but the triumph is momentary as GV turns to return to attack Krow when KSZ leaps onto GV’s back. KSZ grabs hold of GV’s jaw with one another and sends rapid-fire fists into GV’s face with the other. GV tries to yank KSZ off, but KSZ wraps his legs around GV’s waist and continues the attack! That is…until Krow returns, grabs hold of KSZ by his neck and hurls KSZ across the locker room with a sickening thud that has KSZ thrust into a variety of implements and furniture.

Krow quickly grabs hold of GV and slams his face into a nearby locker when…KSZ returns and begins to attack Krow! KSZ grabs a handful of Krow’s long black hair and uses it to balance his fists-of-fury attack! Krow, like GV, is unable to get the pugnacious KSZ off his back, until an angry GV grabs hold of KSZ by his long black hair and hurls him into the nearby wall with a “THUD!”

Finally, security and road agents pour into the locker room and try to pry GV and Krow away from one another. Amongst the mayhem the camera man taping the events gets toppled onto and the camera falls violently to the ground. A crack spreads across the lens and only the feet of the participants involved can be seen heading down another corridor of the locker room area. As the mayhem continues elsewhere, we see the feet of KSZ charging the area, but being quickly blocked by other security members. As KSZ struggles to get his revenge, he shouts towards GV and Krow.

“"Why didn't YOU TWO die in Nassau and do the world a favor?"

The camera begins to lose its transmission and eventually cuts to static, as the crowd jeers disappointingly.