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February 20, 2018

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FWO reAction

June 17, 2009

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Key Arena, Seattle, WA

FWO reAction

Episode 22
June 17, 2009

Two weeks before Meltdown the champions are in action as High Flyer takes on Alias, with all eyes toward Meltdown and the epic matches that are set to take place...

Location: Key Arena, Seattle, WA
Attendence: 14,238

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Chapter 1: The Setup
Chapter 2: One Eye vs. The Devil's Advocate Dave Morey
Chapter 3: fWo Meltdown 2009 Special Preview Match!
Chapter 4: It Quenches That Competitive Thirst
Chapter 5: Max Danger vs. Fairview Reed
Chapter 6: I Came All The Way Here For... THAT!?
Chapter 7: You stand accused of CRACKA-ism
Chapter 8: "Always two, there are."
Chapter 9: OVER the bromance is
Chapter 10: Tell Me No Secrets, Tell Me No Lies
Chapter 11: XS vs. Jade Argent
Chapter 12: Worried about VIAGRA
Chapter 13: Spike Saunders vs. Callie Urban
Chapter 14: 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs & Rana Venenosa vs. Team Viagra v1.2
Chapter 15: Laying Down The Sword
Chapter 16: Karina Wolfenden vs. Impulse
Chapter 17: So goes the circle...
Chapter 18: "The Master, and The Protégé"
Chapter 19: Affirmative Action vs. Blitzkrieg Funk
Chapter 20: Lactose Intolerant
Chapter 21: two's a crowd
Chapter 22: Krow vs. killjoy
Chapter 23: Dave Morey and the Flying Frenchie vs. Michelle Masters and Keith Scott Zimmerman
Chapter 24: The Second Meltdown 2009 Shuffle
Chapter 25: Atrocities
Chapter 26: Alias vs. High Flyer ©
Chapter 27: Honor Amongst Thieves