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February 20, 2018

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FWO reAction

October 24, 2009

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But We Will Make them BETTER

The crowd continued to boo as Saunders and Argent held the tag team titles in the air, Callie applauding on the outside. As the Black and Blue crew began to shake the cobwebs out of their skulls, the boos erupted into massive cheers as the golden tag duo of fWo stepped out. As the immediately recognizeable music played, a bruised and bandaged Karina Wolfenden and the Original Pulp Hero stood at the entrance ramp. And they looked lethal. Forget about the fact that Alias was in a threeway later that night against killjoy and one third of the Entourage, Callie Urban. Forget that K-Wolf had just squared off with the Internet champion the Flying Frenchie. The two were obviously massively pissed and the crowd picked up on their energy.


The chant echoed through the arena as Vox Nihili smiled grimly. That, was what they intended to do. Saunders and Argent tossed the titles to Rhyme and Reason and squared off in the ring. Callie Urban slid in, not sure what she should do, but not wanting things to escalate any further.

Vox Nihili began a grim march to the ring as the excitement rose. Fans had been hoping to see this all week, and here it was.

Except it wasn't. Legion of Dairy were laying in wait in the audience, and as soon as K-Wolf and Alias passed them, they sprang out of hiding. egg NOG attacked Alias from behind, right before they reached the ring. As Karina turned to help her partner, cHEESE blindsided her. Now it looked like a repeat of last week in a four on two beating. As Vox Nihili were tossed in the ring, Urban again tried to separate the fighting.

This time a blow to the throat never came. Instead, the now recovered Black on Blue crew decided to jump into the fray and Urban was their target. The brawl continued, with Urban fighting both Renshaw and the Grunge Warrior, Vox Nihili trying to fend off Legion of Dairy and the rest of the Entourage.

Seeing Urban being double-teamed, Argent launched himself at Grunge Warrior, leaving Saunders, egg NOG and cHEESE to continue the attack on Vox Nihili. Which gave Alias just enough room to floor cHEESE and turn to Saunders, leaving Karina to face NOG. A swift kick to the head later and the Dairy man was seeing stars. The ring was utter chaos and the powder keg had yet to be lit.

Excess Impact made their entrance, running down to the ring. Argent punched Renshaw out of his way and turned to face Impulse. A now recovered cHEESE stood ready to take on Xander Scott. A moment of tense hesitation and the four men threw themselves at each other.

Karina against egg NOG, Alias against Spike Saunders, Jade Argent against Impulse and cHEESE against Xander Scott. Any semblance of control evaporated as eight wrestlers waged a full on assualt. Oh yeah, Urban was still trying to kick away the ankle biters also known as the Black and Blue crew. A flood of security began to run to the ring. And an unwelcome surprise ran with them.

Reaching the ring before security, two men ducked under the ropes. The crowd gasped in surprise. Ruben Ross and Derecho stood in the ring. Locking eyes on the Black and Blue crew, they made quick work of them, tossing Grunge Warrior and James Renshaw to the outside in a heap. The brawling stopped as the rest of the combatants watched warily. The pause gave security just enough time to reach the ring before the new entrants could wade into the fight. Black shirts swarmed the ring and the wrestlers inside.

Each team was separated, some still struggling to break free and start the fight again. Additional security enforcements ran out as the show cut to a break.