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Wrestler found dead in South Beach, Florida

October 21, 2002
Jordan Knight

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Former wrestler Henry Clay, AKA Neo, was victim of an apparent robbery.

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Henry Clay, who wrestled under the name "Neo" in several wrestling promotions over the years was found shot and killed, victim of an apparent robbery in South Beach, Florida. Clay's body was found by patrons of a local diner, who investigated what was allegedly a gun shot in the "Lucy's Diner" parking lot. Clay was pronounced dead on the scene by local investigators. No motives have been found other than what police are calling a simple robbery.

"Don't try to be a hero, if someone points a gun at you it is best to cooperate and later seek help from authorities. Thankfully this is not the kind of crime we see in the area on a regular basis.," said police chief Harion Michaels of the SBPD.

Clay, who had been the center of controversy over the years, had been terminated from his position in the Fans Wrestling Organization last spring following an altercation backstage with officials. Clay had a checkered past that included several private lawsuits and a string of suspensions in the fWo, CWL and GWO promotions. Clay had found early success in professional wrestling, becoming the World Champion for the HWPF and WWWO promotions. His character evolved over the last decade to fit with the "hardcore" image of the nineties, and associates often related that Clay lived his own gimmick outside of the ring.

Clay had recently settled a private civil case with a fan he had an altercation with in the spring of 2000, but had failed in an attempt to sue wrestling organization "The Asylum" for what he deemed trademark violations.

Henry Clay was 34. No public memorial services are planned.