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The Cage Chroniciles

May 10, 2002
Jordan Cage

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Hello to all of the fWo fans out there. My name's Jordan Cage and, along with doing interviews with superstars, I will be writing some short columns to give my thoughts on the fWo and its current happenings. Without further adieu, here we go...

As everyone knows, "The Eradicator" Erik Kelly became the fWo Heavyweight Champion at CyberSlam. With his personal life settled down more over the last couple of months, Kelly appears ready to "run with the ball", so to speak. I was really impressed with his match against Ruben Ross, as Kelly was able to keep up with the much smaller and quicker former champion. We all knew "The Eradicator" had tremendous athletic ability and drive, but it seems like the timing is perfect right now, as it's his time to shine and he seems more ready than ever for it.

With their big kiss at CyberSlam behind them, it looks like Monte Burns and Tempest are ready to take things to the next level... in the fWo and in their personal lives. It's going to be interesting to see these two continue their interaction, since they come from two completely different backgrounds and have different personalities as well. Both are great performers in the ring, and that should help them take off in the coming months.

The big announcement at the May 9th house show in Denver concerning the television deal was certainly welcome news. Obviously, Chris Universal wanted to get the product back on TV as soon as possible, both for financial and public relations reasons. From what I've heard, the news was received very well by the guys in the locker room. Most were not looking forward to the house shows, but I'm sure the guys are feeling a lot better knowing television awaits them. Once the fWo gets back on television June 10th, I can almost guarantee that the guys will be prepared to put on the best possible performance.

Speaking of big announcements, it appears that a wave of new talent will be coming in over the next couple of months. Fans in Denver were treated to the debut of Mega Job, the tag team best known for its hilarity in the fighting promotion called the Asylum. I would expect to see a few more new faces in the coming weeks, most of whom will be recognizable to fWo fans.

Disappointing to hear about Donaven Winters and his condition. Donaven was truly one of the fWo's hottest young stars, having carved out quite a niche for himself in the past year during hot feuds with Greg Davis, Monte Burns, and Eli Flair. Apparently, there's a slight chance that we may see a return at some point, but you can never be sure with Winters.

Who else out there can't wait to see the first interaction between Mega Job and the STUMP Squad? Each side is hilarious on their own, and I don't see any reason why they can't be even funnier when they are working together. Fights over who jobs? Scuffles over who parodies FTfWo better? I guess we shall see.

A lot of fans have been wondering about the status of former fWo stars Fallen and Neo. In all honesty, I must say that I have no clue as to the whereabouts of either man, and from what I have gathered in the back, not many people do. For various reasons, both of these men had to leave the fWo to attend to other matters. There is no indication right now of when or if the two will return. If there are any developments, we will update you here at fWoWrestling.com first. Any reports you may read at other sites should be taken as nothing but speculation.

It looks like the four fWo superstars who came from Survivor 2 - Grendel, Lance Knight, Mufanga Kagos, and the winner Brand Frontier - have gotten acclimated fairly well with the fWo atmosphere in the last couple of months. Surprisingly, the locker room apparently was very accepting of the four men, which usually isn't the case in the locker room of a professional wrestling company. I think we'll be seeing all four getting involved in some interesting match-ups in the coming weeks, especially Frontier, who appears ready to continue his rise to the top.

There are a lot of people out there who seem to be waiting for the fWo to fail, and some took the canceling of Slaughter as a sign that the fWo would be out of business soon. Unfortunately for them, they're going to have to earn their place in this business on their own instead of using the fWo's "slump" as a springboard to success. No matter what the ratings or buyrates may say, the fWo is still the fWo. There have been a large number of companies come and go during the fWo's existence, while the fWo has grown and prospered. The way to win in this business is through hard work and dedication to staying in it for the long haul. That's why the fWo succeeds and why many other companies fail miserably.

That's all for this edition of the Cage Chronicles. Check back to fWoWrestling.com later in the week for upcoming interviews with the fWo Heavyweight Champion Erik Kelly and "The Cult Icon" Jon Crisp. Until next time, this is Jordan Cage signing off.

Jordan Cage is the newest member of the fWowrestling.com writing staff. Cage comes to the fWo after spending four years as a columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer's website. Cage spent much of his time at the Enquirer writing weekly columns on professional wrestling and writing reports on local wrestling events and other sports. Also during that time, Cage wrote match reviews for the Heartland Wrestling Association's website. Prior to that, Cage graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication Arts and English from Indiana University and a Masters degree in Journalism from Northwestern University's famed Medill School of Journalism.