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The fWo returned to action in Philadelphia, PA!

August 03, 2002
Rob "Skipper" Snyder

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A night of thrills greets fans who tune into the new breed of fWo superstars

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The fWo returned to action last night in Philadelphia, PA on August 2, 2002! The arena was packed with clamoring fans, excited to see this new era of the fWo, featuring stars from the SCPW developmental federation... all now big fWo stars with huge fWo contracts!

The night of action kicked off with a speech from none other than former fWo superstar Samuel Smooth, welcoming fans back to the fWo and promising to pull no punches in what was sure to be a night of high octane excitement. The crowd went crazy at the return of this polished veteren, who announced that August 5th the fWo would welcome the superstars from the Orlando Wrestling Association, and that on August 7th in Boston, Mass the fWo would crown a new World Heavyweight Champion! The crowd erupted at the news, and chants of fWo could be heard throughout the arena for the remainder of the night.

The night of action began with two fresh new wrestling superstars locking it up in the ring. The Mexcian superstar Kinkaid locked up with "Handsome" Jordan Cable. After some back and forth leading up to the action in the ring, both wrestlers locked up and treated the fans to a fast moving exhibition of styles sure to make headlines in the wrestling news media. In the end it was Kinkaid with the big back body slam that all but assured him the victory, but the egotistical Cable locked in a surprise roll-up with his hands firmly clutching the tights for the tainted victory. After the match Kinkaid had some choice words for the official, and you can bet he will be looking for revenge down the road!

In a battle of the big men, huge John Renshaw went up against the "real" Alaskan Juggernaut, big Calm. A test of strength led the match off, but after a few minutes Calm got the upper hand with a brutal series of chops that are already being called the most dangerous in the industry. As the two men battled to the outside and even into the crowd, fans got a first hand look at what the intensity and ruthless aggression of the NEW fWo is all about. Renshaw scored the big upset however, turning Calm's momentum against him and slamming him into the steel turnbuckles.

fWo fans welcomed debuting superstar Oktober to the squared circle. Oktober was up against the pirate with the heart of evil, Captain Red. In a quick match, Captain Red was victorious.

The amazing fWo debut of the legendary Spyder met and surpassed the amazing hype leading up to the match. But Spyder was not the only veteran in the match... the fWo fans were treated to the return of a legend, the smoothest cat in all of wrestling, Samuel Smooth. The fans erupted as Smooth entered the ring and cut a scathing promo about what it really means to be a superstar, and that wrestlers who didn't like entertaining the fans should get the "f" out of the fWo! The fans responded with astounding cheers, as Spyder and Smooth went at it inside the ring. The death-defying tactics of Spyder wowed the fans, but experience paid off as Smooth was able to pin the high flyer in the center of the ring. Both men shook hands afterward in a sign of mutual respect before Smooth posed for the anxious crowd.

Fans were reminded to purchase merchandise from any number of locations, or from the upcoming fWo shopzone on the web!

Tag team action returned to the fWo as the Animals took on the unlikely team of Paladin and Reborn. Back and forth action was the name of the game, with the cheating tactics of Rat and Dog cutting the bigger men down. As Paladin was trapped inside the ring, Reborn seemed not to care about his partner and finally just walked to the back as the crowd booed! Unable to withstand the two on one onslaught, Paladin was pinned. As the Animals celebrated in the ring, Paladin stormed to the back... no doubt looking for revenge!

Another fWo legend, Silver Fox came to the ring to announce the signing of one of the biggest and most controversial names in all of wrestling. On the big screens, promos were shown of the most dangerous man in wrestling... Borst! The crowd was shocked by this announcement, and it was promised that Borst would be appearing very shortly.

In the big main event, a triple threat match to determine one of the number one contenders for the fWo Cruiserweight championship. In the match were some of the biggest high-flying names in wrestling: Cali, Marmot, and the suicidal one, Slider! The three kicked it off with a series of death-defying moves that quickly led the audience in loud "fWo" chants! Using elimination style rules, Marmot quickly ejected Cali from the ring, then turned his attention to Slider. But Slider came off the turnbuckle with a huge 580 diving suicide splash that caused as much damage to himself as to Marmot! Entering the ring, Slider pinned Slider, who was given a standing ovation for his amazing performance. Then it was down to Slider and Marmot. The two traded dangerous offense, but a missed tope to the outside cost Marmot, and Slider was able to capitalize with his Slider Driver for the victory!

An amazing night of action, and every fan was left waiting for more!

(Report filed by Rob "Skipper" Snyder)

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