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A night full of mistakes

November 01, 2002
Jordan Cage

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Jordan Cage looks into what made Halloween Hell so bad.

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On a night that had so much build up in the media and press, the fWo opened back up after a brief break over the summer. Coming into Halloween Hell fans from all around the world did not know what to expect from the re-building company.

The night was full of surprises and disappointments. One of those disappointments came in a match that could have been a stellar match. A match that featured 2 wrestlers that weren't new to the ring. That match being in Areumna'derin Rahl and Jack Lundin. Areumna'derin Rahl who is still a rookie in the world of wrestling came into the night thinking that nothing could go wrong, as he was working with someone who was easy to work with, or so people have heard. That being in Jack Lundin, the former Realm star.

The match wasn't a big important match of the night, but the fans knew fairly well who both competitors were. Areumna'derin Rahl coming from PIW and Jack Lundin coming from Realm.

It all started off when the technical sound personnel couldn't get the right music for Rahl, leading the fans to believe that they were going to see Borst in action! But, no only after a couple of seconds of Borst's theme playing. Rahl's music is finally heard over the PA system. After that mistake Rahl was unable to execute any move. According to me it seemed as if Rahl was extremely nervous, he acted as if he was a stiff board and wasn't able to move. His moves had little to no effect on Jack Lundin.

This match only gave the fans one more thing to be pissed off about through out the night. Hopefully both, Rahl and Lundin can bounce back from this embarrassing match and move on with their respected careers.