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fWo Halloween Hell III Rant

November 01, 2002

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A show with a unique start...and then everyone else fell...

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Hey there everyone. Jim "The Know-It-All" Marble here, and I just came back from the Key Arena in Seattle, and fWo's return Pay Per View, Halloween Hell III, seemed to have caused chaos (literally) with the fans.

The Pay Per View started out nearly twenty minutes late with the arrival of Jim Dudley as one of the new owners of fWo. Jim pointed out the old era of fWo was 'Bulls***' and dead, and this new era was beginning with the crowning of the Hardcore and World champions. However, Dudley received many boos most of the time instead.

Following that debacle, the first match on the card, which was between Oktober and Spyder began. The two men were pretty evenly matched for a few minutes, until Spyder was hit in the head with what appeared to be a glass bottle. Then, it appeared as though both men had begun to go shoot style in the ring, as Spyder was coughing up blood from some stiff shots by Oktober. The ending came with a Small Package, which pissed off the fans beyond belief.

James Renshaw took on Reborn for the fWo Hardcore Championship next. The match was quick and pretty brutal, as Renshaw botched up a Baseball bat shot, and apparently injured Reborn, causing him to vomit blood and his food all over. Renshaw quickly pinned Reborn, and then the savior came: Eli Flair. Flair KILLED Renshaw, and took the Hardcore title with him, escaping through the crowd, being the moment of the night at the time.

Next up was the only Tag Team match of the night, with Triality taking on the Animals. The match was horrible, with spots being botched by both members of the Animals, and Triality having to make them look half decent. Thankfully it ended relatively quickly.

Shortly afterward, Desire of Triality and Aimz from OSW confronted each other. Ok, there's a new angle going to occur I'm guessing.

Following the segment was the match of the night, which had Great Dragon taking on Mufanga Kagos. This scientific contest that lasted MORE THAN 10 MINUTES actually was a MATCH, and didn't really piss off the fans, and considering it was the match being hyped on the fWo website, I was happy about that. The ending came after Dragon worked on Kago's leg for most of the match, and locked on the Sharpshooter after a pretty crisp looking Moonsault. Kagos passed out and Dragon won by Submission. Nice match to save my sanity.

Areumna'derin Rahl and Jack Lundin didn't really have a match, as several minutes into it, Lundin hit Rahl with a shovel for the DQ. Probably the best part was when security almost refused to let him enter the ringside area through the crowd.

Kellen Kinkade and Borst had a half decent match, probably the second best of the night, after Kinkade blasted everyone, and Borst accepted Kinkade's challenge. Borst lost to a schoolboy, though, which was pretty stupid. Then, Kinkade blasted Borst and everyone some more. Fun stuff...

The 'tribute' to Neo really was a promo video that said he was jobber who was in Hell. I knew that one already, but whatever.

Paladin vs. Downfall was just beginning to do well, but then Downfall kinda botched up his Shooting Star Press after a nice Ace Crusher, and flipped out the ring, walking backstage and giving Paladin the Count Out win as the fans went even crazier.

In the main event, we saw Matt Panzer quit as the ring announcer, and Samuel Smooth taking on a 'Masked Opponent', that being the first ever fWo World champion, and one of the owners, Jim Dudley. The fans booed as Smooth did the job in less than fifteen seconds, though the DDD looked alright. Afterwards, the fun REALLY began. The former fWo members began brawling with the 'New Era' members, as the stage started collapsing, and fans were rioting. What a 'unique' way to end the show...

Lets just hope fWo can be saved.

Summary of Show (with time of segment/match written in parentheses, as well as a star rating by yours truly):

1. Jim Dudley welcomes everyone to the show, twenty minutes late almost. (5:47)

2. Spyder d. Oktober via Pinfall after rolling Oktober into a Small Package. (*1/2, 6:14)

3. James Renshaw d. Reborn to win the fWo Hardcore Championship via Pinfall after hitting Reborn with a steel bat and causing him to vomit. Then, Eli Flair came down and destroyed Renshaw, and took the Hardcore title with him (DUD (1/2* if you include Flair killing Renshaw), 4:02)

4. Triality d. The Animals via Pinfall after Carson Covington hit a Wrist Clutch Exploder on Rat. (1/2* (mainly because Triality tried to save the match from The Animals who were botching up all moves), 6:09)

5. Aimz and Desire confront one another (2:19)

6. Great Dragon d. Mufanga Kagos via Submission after locking on the Sharpshooter. (***1/2, 13:05)

7. Areumna'derin Rahl d. Jack Lundin via Disqualification after Lundin hit Rahl with his shovel. (DUD, 4:05)

8. Kellen Kinkade d. Borst via Pinfall after rolling Borst up in a schoolboy. (*1/2 (** if you include the promo), 5:13)

9. A 'Neo memorial' promo that blasted the dead former superstar

10. Paladin d. Downfall via Count Out (*1/4, 4:46)

11. Jim Dudley d. Samuel Smooth to regain the fWo World Heavyweight Championship for a third time in his career via Pinfall after hitting the DDD (DUD, 0:11)

12. The war between the new roster and the old one begins. (5:19)