February 20, 2018

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Brand new affair?

November 17, 2002
Sandra Peake

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The Paragon and Aimz closer than we knew?

Staff Photo

It seems as if the Mighty Hero and Amy Campbell have more behind them than anybody thought...

During a little "research" of mine last week, I stumbled upon none other than Brand Frontier and Aimz speeding away from Warfare...much earlier than the others. Could there be a reason the two were leaving the scene? Well, using journalistic instinct, I pursued the two...

And what did I get for my troubles? Several photographs of the two pulling into the parking lot of a Best Western only a few blocks from the arena they'd left in such a hurry. A little suspicious? Yes. A surprise? Not to many who've read my latest column, one that began to detail and reveal what a poor example of the modern "young lady" Campbell really is.

Brand Frontier, Amy Campbell and a hotel? You do the math.