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Revelations of Wrestling 1

November 17, 2002
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This is who your children want to be...

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Hello and welcome to the first edition of my little editorial...

Recently, the mainstay of wrestling (A form of "entertainment" that I watch corrupting all of your children, and even the more mature adults.), dubbed fWo, re-opened it's doors...bringing with it a world of controversy, drama and generally immoral ways. I, of course, am taking it as my sole duty to reveal to the world exactly how disgusting fWo really is, and what these people you allow to influence your sons and daughers are really like.

It's 3 AM as I sit, jotting these words down. Why am I not in bed, warm and comfortable? Well, I've been doing some research lately...and my findings are far too unsettling to sleep on. I know you're wondering what I've found in my journey to expose wrestling for the cess pool it really is so I'll name my first "victim", rather, a young lady who's proven again and again to be a bad influence on all of us. Drinking, use of hallucenogenic drugs and punk rock "music" are the name of the game...

But the name of the proprietor is Amy Campbell. That's right, the poor little girl everybody's pitying these days...what's her crime? Aside from the obvious few hundred, she's a mother. Mhmm, the 20 year-old girl has a son...a son just rounding the ripe age of 4, at that. Little, innocent Aimz was having sex at 17? That and more...she's got a criminal record a mile long dating as far back as 15 years old. Everything ranging from vandalism, possession and even attempted trafficing of illegal substances...

Now she's a mother, too? Is THAT the sort of impression your teenaged daughter needs, to open her legs as soon as she hits 16? Because that's not the only message Amy's past and present is sending...if anything, your little girl would learn open her legs with a beer in her hand and a pill in the other, just as she's getting ready to have only God knows what area of her body pierced.

Oh, and did I mention that, obviously, she's also a poor mother? Her child currently resides with Beverly and Forrester Campbell, Amy's dear parents. She sees her little boy maybe once a month, and most-likely under the influence each and every time...not to mention that, at any time, her son can flick on the TV and watch mommy-dearest attacking random people, cursing and dressing like she lives in a cardboard box.

This is the sort of "good example" fWo allows among them, the same person they pay to influence your children...

I rest my case.

- Sandra Peake