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Revelations In Wrestling Part 2

December 09, 2002
Sandra Peake

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This is who your children should be...

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Welcome to the next installment of my article on the sport of professional wrestling. With the previous chapters I have discussed different ways that 'pro-wrestling' has had a negative impact on the children of our nation. I have laid out the facts on one individual in particular and their crimes against the very moral fiber with which we pride ourselves on as a whole.

Previously I have uncovered the seedy side of a female in the sport and their actions in and out of the ring. Seeing someone like Amy "Aimz" Campbell parade around is not the sight you want your children to have burned in to their heads as they begin to make important choices in their lives. I will also speak on the issue of drugs and steroid abuse at length, another host of sickening displays not unique to the sport but engrained within it nonetheless.

This time however I bring to you a beacon of hope in the sinking black pit this profession has become. In a time when everyone is out for him or herself and only concerned for that next big pay-off it is unexpected and welcome to find someone that operates far and away above those ideals.

Of course I am talking about none other than Brandon Roche.

The wrestling fan knows him as "The Paragon" Brand Frontier. They also know him as someone that has taken his actions and reactions to another plateau, one far away from his brethren. At a time when these entertainers paint their faces, have augmentations or cosmetic surgery to become more marketable Brand Frontier is out there, every night, doing what he is supposed to do. Wrestle. He shows up night in and night out paying his dues in a sport that few respect and fewer still 'understand'.

Brandon Roche doesn't come through that curtain every night and put on a mask, neither literally nor figuratively. He simply is who he is. Paying homage to his families business with the name Brand Frontier, Brandon stands for everything that has been lost or forgotten in this rotten of times.

At home he has a mother he has sworn to protect in her failing years, a set of children; Sean and Jarod that he loves beyond description and a wife. His father was also with him until his passing. Oliver Roche passed on before he had a chance to see Brandon achieve one of his lifelong goals and enter in to what has become a cesspool but was once the legendary Fan's Wrestling Organization. His love for his family drives him to be the man he is. Is there anything that can make Brandon falter from his ideals, from his morals? It hasn't happened yet and it would take more power than most could fathom to do it I believe.

Is he then a white knight during an age of gray? Indubitably.

Is he that hero that I have looked for in an age of indifference? Simply put, yes.

Look to Brand Frontier then as the hero I know he is. Strive to emulate his actions and you will be better for it.

Thank you for your time and in the immortal words of his father, fight the good fight.

-Sandra Peake

Sandra Peake is a columnist for the Wrestling Observer. A former female wrestler herself Sandra walked away from the industry years ago. Now upon her return she has dedicated herself in trying to set the business back on the track it derailed itself from a long time ago.

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