February 20, 2018

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Eron beat up but not out

December 19, 2002
Geoff Green

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As we are only days away from fWo Twilight, management was worried that the over violent confrontation at last night's Warfare could have taken a toll on Eron that may have put him out of action, but Eron says he will still compete.
"He nearly broke my leg." said Eron, after leaving the hospital. "There are huge welts all over my leg, and I can hardly walk right now, but the doctor said it'll heal in time. I just hope I can work it right for the Pay Per View."
Eron definitely took the worst of the heated battle, as Wretch was only bruised up, but almost suffered a broken finger. "When he launched me into the boiler face first, my finger cracked weird against it, but my finger is fine." Both men have had serious injuries before in their careers, and with an expectedly brutal match at Twilight, it wasn't too good to turn it up so many notches on Wednesday.
"We may have sacrificed the quality of when we get into the ring from what me and him did last night." said Eron, trying to stretch out his right leg. "I have, however, been able to get my game on with shorter notice and in a worse condition in the past. Me and Chris should still be able to take it to the next level."
Eron will not be missing any House Show work throughout the holidays due to his injuries.