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Upcoming Plans for fWo's Tag Division

January 10, 2003
Don Buckner

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A press release from the fWo reveals some new details

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In a press release issued today by the Fans' Wrestling Organization (NASDAQ: fwoe), plans were unveiled for an upcoming title contendership tournament in the tag team division. Where once the division was struggling due to a lack of teams, since their restart in October, the tag division has been a focus of the administration, in hopes of starting the division off with a bang and keeping it strong, so as to regain the prestige it had at the peak of its popularity.

And while management is said to be happy with current tag champions Triality, there has still been an effort to bring more established fWo superstars into the division, so as to supplement the mostly new teams that currently fill it. In fact, just this week, it was revealed that Lance Knight and Sean Stevens, known for their backstage animosity of one another that led to a brutal series of matches throughout November and December, have been paired up for the tournament. One source revealed that the administration is hoping the fireworks that they shared when facing one another will continue when they're sharing the same corner of the ring. Also of note is the team of Black Quicksilver and Jon Crisp, a team that has apparently formed out of an impromptu pairing at Countdown 1, who have been given the number one seed in the contendership tournament. Rumors have been circulating that another team of veterans will also be resurfacing in the tag division, but at this point in time, nothing is entirely confirmed.

Included in the press release was a current ranking of the tag teams, which in turn translated into the seedings in the tournament. The rankings were as follows:

Champions: Triality
1. Black Quicksilver/Jon Crisp
2. Lance Knight/Sean Stevens
3. Mercenaries
4. The Fuse Brothers
5. The Freak Show
6. The Powers
7. The Animals
8. James Cagle/Crocodile Davy Dingleberry

Apparently, the team of Cagle and Dingleberry, seen briefly during the Countdown shows, was slotted into the tournament when the team of Fear and Hellrazor, collectively known as Damnation, Inc, declined to be a part of the affair, citing scheduling difficulties.

Tentatively, all four first round matches are slated to take place on the January 12th edition of Sunday Slaughter on NBC. They would include: (1) Crisp/BQ v (8) Cagle/Dingleberry; (2) Knight/Stevens v (7) Animals; (3) Mercenaries v (6) Powers; and (4) Fuse Bros. V (5) Freak Show.

Each of the next three shows, Warfare on the 15th on Fox, Slaughter on the 19th on NBC, and then Warfare on the 22nd on Fox, will carry a single match from the tournament. Tentatively, the winners of the Knight/Stevens v Animals match will face the winners of the Mercenaries v Powers match on Warfare on the 15th, the winners of the Crisp/BQ v Cagle/Dingleberry match will square off against the winners of the Fuse Bros v Freak Show match on Slaughter on the 22nd, and then the final two teams will collide for a shot at Triality, assuming they are still the tag champions at BodyCount, on Warfare on the 22nd.

Look for more updates on the fWo tag division here as they are made available by the fWo.