January 24, 2018

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Professional Wrestler Assaulted

January 15, 2003
Associated Press

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Calgary, AB Apparently some people haven't heard that Professional Wrestling is about "entertainment" these days.

On the morning of January 14th at approximately 1 a.m., professional wrestler "Kodiak" Vic Creed (real name Victor Creid) was attacked in the parking lot of a local drinking establishment by an unknown number of assailants. The 320-pound ex-bounty hunter was rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. The extent of his injuries wasn't considered life threatening, but the medical staff has been tight-lipped about what injuries were incurred during the assault.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Ray Berchien spoke to Creed at the hospital. "According to Mr. Creed, he was attacked from behind and is unable to identify his assailants. He has no idea what prompted the attack, and we encourage anyone who might have information on this assault to contact us." He added "We do, however, feel that Mr. Creed is being less than forthcoming with certain details. But there's little we can do if he refuses to cooperate with us."

"Kodiak" Vic Creed is scheduled to appear at the Saddledome with the fWo on Wednesday night. "He'll be there," Staff Sergeant Berchien said. "He was quite adamant about that."

Neither Creed nor the fWo could be reached for comment.