February 20, 2018

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Making a Wish in Calgary

January 16, 2003
Associated Press

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The Freak Show on hand for fundraiser

Staff Photo

Mick Pepper and John Lake, known around the world as the fWo tag team "The Freak Show" were at a Make-a-Wish Foundation fundraiser in Calagary this afternoon, meeting fans and signing autographs, with all proceeds going towards the organization that gives sick and dying kids their heart's fondest wish.

The highlight of the event was a pie-eating contest, where for $10 you would attempt to out-eat the 713 lbs Lake, known affectionately by his nickname "Mouse." Over 500 people signed up in an attempt to devour more apple pies than the behemoth, where the prize was $10,000 cash, but none were even able to come close to the 41 pies Mouse managed to down in only 83 minutes time elapsed. Afterwards, Mouse mentioned, "I might've been able to eat a few more if I had skipped lunch."

All told, with autographs and contest, The Freak Show raised almost $7,000 for the charitable organization, pleasing the fundraisers to no end. And maybe in the near future, one child's wish might be to thank them in person for their efforts.