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Tempest Serves fWo

January 17, 2003
fWo Insider

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OSW star declares Stormwindz gimmick infringement

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Your pal the fWo insider has learned that the front office was served today with a Cease and Desist order from the Circuit Court of New York. Lawyers representing former fWo cruiserweight champ Tempest filed the motion with the courts stating that current fWo starlet Stormwindz and the fWo itself is in the guilty of trademark infringement. While a gimmick can't be covered by copyright, it apparently can be covered under trademark law.
Now Tempest doesn't strike me as a litigious person and in fact she's remained friendly to fWo personnel and stars, even making a special appearance to award the real cruiserweight title belt to Great Dragon recently. So I called her up and asked her about this.
"Well, they don't return my calls," Tempest said of her dealings with the front office. "I've been trying ever since I saw her to get something done about this and no one has been able to fix it. No one returns my calls or letters or takes me seriously about this. I spent a lot of time and blood and sweat to create myself and I don't care to have a second rate performer riding my coattails. So I figured I better get the lawyers involved."
What will become of Stormwindz now is anyone's guess, but I'd hate to be on the bad side of the Cyberpunk goddess. More as it develops.