February 20, 2018

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Kelly wins World Title - Dedicates win

February 17, 2003
Ethan Knight

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Erik Kelly won the fWo World Title last night, as the fWo continued to be in exile outside of the United States. Last night's edition of Sunday Slaughter came from Brazil.

The victory came at a tough time for the Kelly family, as his wife, manager and fWo personality Pamela Dee is back in her hometown of Chicago with her ailing father, Robert Nava.

Kelly briefly after his victory over the famous luchadore, Spyder, dedicated the match to his wife and father-in-law.

Kelly was expected to fly out of Brazil early Sunday morning to return to Chicago for 24 hours and be with family. The fWo has indicated that Kelly's frequent voyages are not at their expense, with the 29 year old wrestler paying his own expenses.

Kelly is expected to be in action Wednesday night on Warfare.