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The Ivy League

February 17, 2003
Poison Ivy

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Tour Diary 2/17/03

Staff Photo

Santa Maria, Brazil
9:50 PM local time

Song of the week: "Madagascar" - GNR

And Great Dragon was a witness at the arena last night - I can still do Axl's only dance step to a T.

The frozen wastelands of Canada gave way to the balmy, sunny (and sometimes rainy) climate south of the border about three weeks ago, and to all my family and friends who are still living in the Northeast.... HAH! Do me a favor, Fizzy, and make sure my pipes didn't freeze. That is, if you've dug your way outta the body shop yet. My extended family in Valerian's Garden is doing a series of homecoming shows in California this week, so they're outta harm's way as well. But my dear Concord- dwelling brother said to me on the phone this morning, and I quote, "I'm pretty sure I still have a car out there."

It amazes me, day to day, how reality and perception keep getting mixed around. The dirtsheets like to talk about and focus on the negative aspects of the sport for reasons of credibility - whatever that means - and because they fear the label of a mark, whatever that means.

Are there problems in the fWo locker room? Depends on your definition. Do conflicts arise? Without a doubt. When your adrenalin is going, when the crowd is roaring, things can get pretty intense. But unlike a lot of places I've worked, the people in the fWo do the right thing and talk about it. Sometimes heatedly, but I'd like to think that when people are able to avoid losing their temper this locker room functions better than just about every other one in existence today.

That was a long rant.... but.... ask me if I care.

I haven't gushed nearly enough about this, but I've got a big silly grin on my face, being on the road with The Deacon and Chris Shepherd once again. I have to take full responsibility for teaching Big D how to play cards... the man's got the hardest- to- read poker face I've ever seen and he's routinely taking the pot backstage. Chris is just great... for someone who's been in the business for five plus years he's never tired of talking to the ones who've been around even longer and improve his game, his psychology, his understanding of why things happen.

You've gotta respect that.

Tequila, sleeping late, and making asses of idiot college students. These three activities alone make this South American tour worthwhile. Add to that the ability to go out and perform twice a week and it's like heaven. Well, almost. I miss the house show tours we used to do... but I'll be honest with y'all.

Three shows in three days at Countdown told me - and apparently I wasn't the only one in the fed - that this roster isn't ready to wrestle every day yet. Sure, everyone was on their game when it mattered, but there was so little post- match activity.

People were tired, people were sore. But it's just a matter of time before we're all back on track and on schedule. Until then.... we'll be on TV.

And I promise (I hope) that we'll be home soon.

This is Ivy.

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