February 20, 2018

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Starblazer Missing?

April 30, 2003
Max Dickens

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Where has fWo Superstar, Starblazer, gone? We have the scoop.

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For those looking for information on the whereabouts of fWo newcomer Starblazer, here it is:

Until just a few hours ago, fWo officials were, just like everyone else in the wrestling world, in the dark as far as Starblazer's location was concerned—and then they received a tragic and shocking phone call.

During his first televised match with the company, which happened to be against Great Dragon, Starblazer suffered a minor injury to one of his arms, an injury which doctors described as a 'partial ligament tear'. Starblazer, who had been booked for the Cruiserweight Melee at CyberSlam, was told to go home and rest up for the event, as his involvement in the match needed no build up or television time. At first, Starblazer was reluctant to head home, seeing as he isn't signed to a formal contract and is only paid per appearance, with no guaranteed money. To ease his mind, fWo cut him a small check, which would account for any dates he'd miss while recovering.

As anyone who ordered the fWo's perennial classic knows, Starblazer was there and he did perform, just as planned. After the shows conclusion, Starblazer packed his bags and he and his girlfriend, Whitney Boulder, made their way towards the parking lot. While loading some things into the back of their car, both were jumped from behind by an unidentified culprit or unidentified culprits. The parking lot was poorly lighted, making it impossible for witnesses to give any sort of description, and since their attackers came from behind, the victims were of no help in identifying the assailant(s).

Following the assault, Whitney and Starblazer were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where they've been, under watchful eyes, ever since. So far, there are no leads, but authorities continue to hope something will turn up.

Get Well Cards, flowers, and other such items, can be mailed or dropped off by fWo offices, and we'll make sure Whitney and Starblazer get them. Keep these two great kids in your thoughts and prayers, and lets hope both return to the fWo soon, so they may continue their budding careers.