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FWO In talks with former Superstar Bodyguard

May 06, 2003
Geoff Green

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Levite Prod in meetings with management

Staff Photo

In recent news with fWo signings it appears as though currently the fWo is in talks with Levite Prod.

Prod known to the underground wrestling world as an intimidating force, for not only his muscle but his tendency to lose control and get out of hand.

However he has recently showed quite a lot of potential in both the ring and outside the squared circle.

It is also known that Levite Prod is the former bodyguard of one Steve Douglas, a wrestling legend. Prod managed and protected Douglas for years until Douglas publically ridiculed Prod and destroyed his wrestling reputation.
Prod has spent the past years regaining his reputation and strengthening himself for a positioning with the fWo.
It is not known as of yet whether or not Prod will actually sign with the fWo as money is an issue in the contract.

fWo's Touma had this to say, "We understand the value of Mr. Prod and it would be a pleasure to bring him aboard. Currently we are just sitting down and shooting back and forth ideas. Perhaps, one will stick."

It seems as though now with the permanent disapearance of Steve Douglas the employment of Levite Prod lingers in the future.