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The Conspiracy?

May 21, 2003
Scott Powell

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Internet reporter Scott Powell conducts an interview with Voran Xias about Voran's claims of a conspiracy against him by fWo management. A must-read.

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Ever since losing an fWo United States Championship match to Brand Frontier under dubious circumstances, fWo Superstar 'Undeniable' Voran Xias has been crying out about a conspiracy against him by fWo management. When he went live on the air to protest the decision, his video feed was cut. And then, fWo fans were confused- although, admittedly, also overjoyed- by the lack of Voran on the final edition of Wednesday Warfare. Voran Xias, however, claims that it's all part of the ongoing conspiracy.

Looking for the truth, I, famous internet reporter Scott Powell, spoke to Voran just an hour ago via cell phone.

"The flight ticket I recieved to head to Philadelphia for Warfare was for a different airline than the rest of the fWo superstars." Voran recalled in our interview. "I called up management, who claimed it was just an innocent mistake on their part. Fine. However, the flight I received had numerous stopovers, while the one the other wrestlers used was a direct flight. This resulted in me arriving at the arena nearly an hour after the show had already ended! Coincidence? I think NOT!"

Investigating proved that Voran's plane had difficulties at one of its stops, and it probably would have made it there ontime had that not have happened. Voran, however, ignored this, and then continued ranting.

"And then I watch Warfare afterwards- thanks to the power of TiVo- and what do I see? CARSON COVINGTON getting a title shot before I get my rematch? CARSON fucking COVINGTON? You've gotta be kidding me. Here I am, the man that made Brand tap out in the middle of the ring and wouldn't go down to Brand's Righteous Thunder- THROUGH A TABLE, I might add- and I don't deserve a rematch, but Covington has deserved a title shot? All a part of the growing conspiracy."

I probed further, asking just WHY the fWo would have some kind of massive conspiracy against him- and Voran got angry.

"Please. You call yourself a fucking reporter? Obviously, they don't want a man who already made a name for himself outside the promotion beating their homegrown talent. Brand Frontier made his name through their shitty little Survivor 2 gameshow thing. Before he came here, he was nothing. Before I came here, however, I was already formerly a pretty big star in Japan, and a former IOW World Heavyweight Champion to add to it. So, they don't want to see an outsider make their homegrown talent look any worse. And when you're as good as I am, you make rubes like Brand Frontier look a hell of a lot worse."

So, there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. My conclusions after conducting this interview is that there is no conspiracy- instead, Voran Xias is playing bizarre mindgames with the United States Champion in a strange attempt to duck him. Yes, Voran won a fall, but the fact of the matter is that, in the end, Brand still kicked his ass, and I seriously doubt Voran Xias wants to step into the ring with him again.

This is Powell, signing off.