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The Conspiracy Continues?

May 28, 2003
Scott Powell

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Voran Xias makes further claims of a conspiracy by fWo management after missing the first-ever Monday Night Ruahhh~!!!. Details inside.

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Hello, Scott Powell here once again. Now, like everyone else, I saw the fWo's great debut on ABC with the first-ever edition of Monday Night Ruahh~!!- a show that featured everything one could want in a wrestling show. Shocking returns, great angles, and some superb wrestling. However, the show was missing one thing, and that would be one 'Undeniable' Voran Xias.

Now, I conducted an interview with Voran last week after he missed the final edition of Wednesday Warfare, in which he claimed that the fWo front office has a conspiracy against him, and forced him to miss the show. While I took these theories with a grain of salt at the time, I did raise my eyebrow a bit when Voran also missed the first-ever edition of Monday Night Ruahh~!!, so once again I contacted Voran Xias for another interview. This time, we'll use a more traditional interview format- but once again, it's still a must read, so read on.

Scott Powell: Voran, I'm talking to you via phone right now. Where are you?

Voran Xias: I'm at my home in Albany, New York, Scott. The same place I was on Monday night. Home.

SP: But why is that? Was that by choice?

VX: Fuck no! You think I'd miss the first-ever edition of what apparently is going to be the fWo's new flagship program, no matter how fucking stupid the name is? No way. However, the fWo management, in their ongoing conspiracy against me, used a technicality to keep me at home- and out of Pittsburgh (Ed: The first-ever Ruahh~!! was held there.).

SP: How exactly did they do that?

VX: Well, remember a long time ago when my then-manager, Jason Winters, re-negotiated my contract with the fWo?

SP: Sure.

VX: Well, if you remember, one of the stipulations was that the only fWo show I was required to show up at was Sunday Night Slaughter. This was put in there so I could basically have Wednesdays off whenever the hell I wanted. However, management pointed out that Monday Night Ruahh~!! isn't Sunday Night Slaughter, and that since I wasn't contractually obligated to wrestle there, they told me to stay home.

SP: So you did?

VX: If I went there, they just wouldn't let me in the building, so what the fuck was the point?

SP: I'll have to do some checking on this story before I can believe you, Voran. You've said some pretty outrageous things before.

VX: Real fucking nice. Why don't you believe me, you little internet peon? I've never told one lie since entering this federation, and you damn well know it. I saw the little trashing you gave me at the end of your last little news report. You're an asshole.

SP: Now, let's not get personal here, okay? I'm just trying to be a non-biased journalist.

VX: Whatever. All I've got to say is that after Ruahh~!! I re-negoiated my contract, so they can't pull this shit again, and you can bet your little overweight ass that I'll be at the first-ever Uprising. And you can also bet your ass that I'm going to make an impact the way only The Undeniable One can. This interview is OVER!

After that, Voran hung up.

Soon after the interview, I did some digging, and parts of his story was full. He was kept off Ruahh~!!, and he did have to re-negotiate his contract to get back on the shows afterwards (taking a nice little pay cut, I might add). However, my sources tell me this had nothing to do with the fWo management- rather, this was DISNEY that made the decision to make sure Voran wasn't on the show. Let's face it, Disney has never been the most risqué of companies, and I don't think they wanted their first-ever wrestling show on their network TV broadcast to have one of Voran's famous cuss-filled promos, complete with crowd chanting "fuck you" at him! So, in conclusion, a conspiracy? Not likely. Not likely at all.

At any rate, I fully expect Voran Xias to be at Uprising, as he claims, so it should be an interesting night, to say the least. I'll be in attendance as Uprising will be live in my hometown of Providence, so I'm very much looking forward to it. Until then, this is Scott Powell signing off.