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US Title Contendership.

July 25, 2003
Scott Powell

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Meltdown Championship Match Announced!

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In pro wrestling, and the Fan's Wrestling Organization in particular, heated battles and over the top grudges are a common occurrence. Combatants never letting themselves rest in their constant quest to be called Champion is what this sport was built on. Sometimes however these warriors of the squared circle let their profession seep in to their personal lives and when that happens all Hell breaks loose.

Such is the case for the highly contested United States Championship currently held by "The Undeniable One", Voran Xias. Months ago then current champion "The Paragon" Brand Frontier defended the belt in many matches, seeking to bring a level of respect to the new championship not yet shone on it. He succeeded in his attempts only to have the belt taken from him in less than honorable ways. With the help of his former Survivor II teammate, Lance Knight, Brand Frontier dropped the title to the aforementioned Voran Xias.

Since then, these three wrestling Superstars have danced around the others in a constant struggle of superiority. Many issues left unseen by the common fan boil underneath the upper levels of this 'feud'.

With Meltdown fast approaching Brand Frontier and Lance Knight both expressed interest in another deserved shot at the U.S. strap. Voran, it seems, liking to manipulate his foes to his advantage conspired to have the two face each other for the right to fight for the belt.

In the last week Lance Knight and Brand Frontier did just that.

In three matches that thrilled the nationwide audience and the packed arenas these men faced one another, seeking to take that next step up the ladder. In all three instances the men found themselves more evenly matched than even they would like to concede. In the last outing against each other on the July 24th edition of Uprising on ESPN Voran Xias decided to intervene in the match itself, apparently no longer content to let the men decide who would get the honor to contend for the coveted title.

Because of the circumstances and finishes surrounding these three Number One Contendership matches the fWo Booking Committee has stepped in and made a final decision for a challenger at the Meltdown show.

Spokesman for the Committee, one Silver Fox had this to say, "In light of the events of the past two weeks and the near endless amount of confrontations between these three men fWo officials has decided on a course of action come the Meltdown show this Sunday."

"On Sunday, July 27th only on Pay-Per-View, the United States Championship will be defended by Voran Xias against Lance Knight. In addition and because of the events surrounding the finish of the last match Mr. Xias will also have the pleasure of competing against the man he won the belt from, "The Paragon" Brand Frontier. These three men will step in the ring together for the first time in a duly sanction title contest."

"The rules of this contest will differ from the standard Triple Threat match currently marketed in the professional wrestling arena. Pulling from the past of the United States Championship's short history, this match will be defended in a Two-Falls Match. The stipulations are simple really; the first combatant to reach two falls, no matter whom it is against is declared the champion."

The three contestants in the newly announced Triple Threat were not available for comment. It seems that everyone will have to tune in on Sunday to witness this epic in the making.