February 20, 2018

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fWo Superstars Injured

August 04, 2003
Scott Powell

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Newcomers hurt in car accident

Staff Photo

Jordan X Shabazz and RAM, collectively known as the fWo Survivor III winners the Uprising, were involved in a car accident earlier today on their way to a house show in the small town of Oakburd, California.

The two were travelling in the same vehicle when Jordan swerved into a median after an unidentified man ran across the freeway frantically. Both Jordan and Richard suffered minor scrapes and bruises but will both be out until sometime next week as a result of their injuries.

"They'll be back before you know it," an fWo official remarked to the press this afternoon. "The doctor and the fWo want them to be a hundred percent before returning to prevent any further injuries."

This is Scott Powell reporting.