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Out Of The Shadows?

August 26, 2003
The fWo Insider

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Steven Shadows Returning?

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Steven Shadows suffered a career ending injury on April 21st 2003 in a match that took place at Cyberslam against Eli Flair. He suffered from a severe compound fracture of the leg, complete with torn muscles, skin, ligaments, and everything in between. His projected return date was that he'd be out indefinitely. Steven Shadows career was over according to fwowrestling.com

Steven Shadows however made a surprise phone call to fwowrestling radio yesterday night and had the following to say:

"I'm no where near ready to return to the ring. I walk with a severe limp and have to use a cane to support my weight. The past five months have been frustrating. Just sitting in the rehab hospital everyday, trying to get back to the condition that I was in before. The doctors say that I'll never be the same again and that my wrestling career is for the most part over. But when was the last time that I listened to a doctor? I won't allow that to happen. Wrestling is my life, I don't know anything else. And to prove these doctors wrong I am going to walk out to that ring this Thursday night on Unleashed on my own will..."

Whether the doctors allow him to leave the hospital is pending, but according to the mouth of Steven Shadows we will see him in the ring this Thursday on Unleashed. Shadows hasn't been heard from for the past 5 months until yesterday. The fWo is said to be very excited to see Shadows up and walking and is more than happy to have him on television this Thursday.