February 20, 2018

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September 20, 2003
Geoff Green

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Murderer reveled

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Hot off the press the fWo has finally responded to the rumors of a bloody Uprising and what the aftermath really was. Earlier today the fWo held a news conference in which Silver Fox, alongside with the injured hero Detective Richard Hughes they answered many questions:

"There was an unfortunate incident Thursday Night in which we had not anticipated," Silver Fox told the room full of reporters, "Due to the confusion we have lost two wrestlers who spent a short time here, those being the wrestlers Levite Prod and Noah Reily, also known as -I-"

There was shock within the room and a limping Detective Hughes took over on the microphone and addressed the reporters:

"It seems as though Noah Reily," Hughes began somewhat cradling his injured leg, "Was in fact a man that we have been searching for, for a long time. Noah Reily is responsible for the murder of Levite Prod, and many others. It seems as though he was also the one who stole Kenny Rock's body. Finally we have caught our culprit. However, unfortunately we could not bring him in as he wounded myself and was taken down in gunfire." Hughes stopped for a moment to cough and what seemed to be smile however must have been him feeling the affects of the pain in his leg, "My time with the fWo has now ended and all previous charges have been dropped. Thank you."

Hughes then limped back to his seat and sat down as Silver Fox approached the podium once again:

"Let us hope that we can prevent such occurrences in the future and a private memorial has already been arranged for Levite Prod outside of the fWo, there is a possibility of one next Uprising as well." Silver Fox hesitated but finally spoke once again, "The Hardcore Title has been returned to Dynamo due to what has occurred and the title win by Prod will be remembered however not accounted for. The fWo will resume with Monday Ruahh and shows will go on as planned. However, today is a sad day within our hearts, and it will always seem like something is missing. That is all for today."

Silver Fox and Hughes exited leaving the reporters to scribble down what notes they could.

Prod is survived by his mother and father who had nothing to say upon his death.