February 20, 2018

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I speak.

November 08, 2003
Frankie Villani

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Fuck you, egg NOG.

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There's not much that I have to say, I'm usually a man expressing no feeling, using no words, but when I saw the man known as egg NOG basically trashing the whole tag team division, I had to finally let out of some of my feelings.

Let me tell you something right now, NOG, nobody gives a SHIT (I don't need censors, so fuck you.) what you did in some other companies. Since your stay here in the fWo, you've done nothing worthy of being called "great" other than riding a former internet champion's (who isn't even good anymore, might I add.) coattails.

You put the tag division on the map? If that's the case, the tag standards are lowered since great teams like the Hart Foundation and the real LOD were around. You've done nothing that makes you worthy of any of the praise you get here in the fWo. You didn't even win the damn Survivor competition. Hell, you weren't even part of the final 6 teams left in Survivor.

This tag division is sailing just fine now, no thanks to you, NOG, or you, cHEESE.

And let me tell you something...

You fucked yourselves over. You guys are so experienced, right? Well, let me tell you something. If you wind up one win short of a tag team title shot at Countdown, you can remember that you, NOG, are the one that cost you those shots. Because YOU showed your idiocy against Joey and myself last Monday night.

Fuck you, egg NOG. You've pissed me off, and I'm tired of dealing with you.

Excuse me if my english was a little off, what more do you expect from a hungry Italian man?

Frankie V.