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Enforcer-Xias: Twilight?

December 20, 2003
Scott Powell

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Will Xias return to face the man who injured him at Twilight?

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Earlier today on this wonderful Saturday, I had the chance to speak with one of the more controversial new entrants into the fWo- Enforcer. Enforcer apparently had a message he wanted to get out to all of the fWo fans- and one certain fWo wrestler- and it was a pretty simple on.

"I'm laying down a challenge to Xias to return and face me in two days at Unleashed: Twilight." Enforcer said matter-of-factly.

I pointed out to Enforcer that we have no idea what Xias' condition is- he hasn't been seen or heard from since Enforcer brought a lead pipe down upon his skull a few weeks back on Uprising- and he seemed to blow this off.

"Please. Keep year ear to the ground, Scott- what the hell kind of internet reporter are you, anyway? I didn't hurt Xias all that bad- he's been purpously staying home so I don't have the chance to finish the job. Well, I'm calling him out now, and if he DOESN'T show up at Twilight on Monday night, the whole world will know what a fucking coward Matthew Vorankias is. I already know it, but I want the entire world to know it."

I probed further, asking Enforcer when we'll find out just what the hell made him come to the fWo in search of revenge, and I got a confident reply:

"When I'm done grinding Xias into a bloody nothing, I'll grab a microphone and reveal just what kind of guy Matthew Vorankias is to the entire world." he said with a chuckle. "And once they all know what kind of guy their little anti-hero is, once they all know it, that's when my revenge will be complete. So tune in, that's this Monday night LIVE on Fox, you won't want to miss it!"

He hung up the phone before I could ask anything else, but I think the message has gotten through loud and clear. The question now is, will Xias ignore it, or will he be at Twilight in less than two days to answer Enforcer's challenge? You'll all have to wait and see, because this is Powell, signing off.