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Words from the Main Man

February 04, 2004

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Obviously some people need to know their role

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Disclaimer: These views are those of Vic Creid, aka Kodiak Vic Creed, and not necessarily those of Fans Wrestling Organization or the Walt Disney Corporation.

Fuck you.

That's right, fuck you. Disney's gonna have a seizure when they read that, and I really couldn't care less. It's hard to respect a company that's built around a mouse.

It's only been one month since I was robbed of the fWo World Title and people are already starting to forget their place in the food chain. I've got the minimum-wage hacks talking to me like they know me. I've got wrestlers showing no respect for their superiors. Even my webmaster over at Creedzilla.com seems to have gone on Christmas vacation and forgot to come back. My entire world is being flushed down the toilet, but you know something? Life goes on. I still never miss a workout. I still get my sparring practice in. I'm still more lethal than the plague and I get more ass than a toilet seat. Most importantly, I'm still the hottest commodity in professional wrestling.

Don't believe me? Fine, flaunt your stupidity.

Fact: I've won major titles on pretty much every continent. Most guys in the business like to stick with one or two promoters because they've got a good working relationship with them and know they'll get treated "right". I don't care who pays me. I make my own success and don't need to rely on handouts from my "buddies" in the Booking Department to get over.

Fact: I've spent most of the fWo career with a title of some kind. The talent in the fWo is second to none. To win a belt of any kind is a feat in itself. To be as dominant as I've been over top-tier talent says all that needs to be said.

Fact: I've on the lips of every major wrestling promotion in the English-speaking world. Wrestlers are being compared to me. They want to be where I'm at. Keep setting yourselves up for disappointment, boys. Promoters want to sign me so bad they offer me women, money and titles. I've got plenty of all three, thanks. Save your handouts for the desperate.

Now with that being said for my greatness, I can't help but be disappointed when people bite the hand that feeds them. From Cyberslam until Countdown One, the fWo survived and thrived on the blood and sweat of the Main Man. I was the reason people turned on their TV's to watch our shows. I was the reason people shelled out their food stamps and welfare checks to buy the Pay Per Views. I was the reason Vince McMahon's company was on his heels for most of 2003. Oh you heard me, bunky. Want proof? Just go back a few months when I put up a bounty on Brand Frontier. That put up big numbers for the fWo, which made for smaller numbers for Vince. About a month later Vince's Poster Child, Gonzo, is doing the same thing running a bounty angle with that snapping turtle Goldberg.

Coincidence? Yeah, and fat chicks get laid because of their personality and not because they're so desperate they'll let you put it anywhere you want.

You're welcome Vince. Let it not be said the Main Man isn't a generous S.O.B.

So needless to say, I've carried the fWo. How do they show their appreciation for my Herculean effort? By trying to drop me off the radar, that's how.

Even a promotion as big and powerful as the fWo can't stop Kodiak Vic Creed.

I head-faked the clueless pinheads in the Executive Office by using Notoriety to get back into the title scene. But once again, people forget their place in the food chain. People get their nose bent out of place when they see my success. People start to feel threatened by my dominance. People try to make a name for themselves by taking out the Main Man.

People can be pretty fucking stupid.

This leads me to the big clueless bastard, Nick Brandish. Oh Nick, you have no idea of the hole you've dug for yourself. You're big. You're bad. You're a freak. You get off on hurting people and have no conscience. In short, you're me. Almost.

Here's where the problem comes in Nick. You put your hands on me and tried to take out the Juggernaut. Notoriety's telling anyone who will listen that my time is over, that I'm not as great as I used to be. You've even got some people thinking that I'm afraid of you. Me. Afraid of you.

Get this straight: I'm Kodiak Vic Creed. I'm not afraid of anybody or anything.

I know what you're capable of Nick. I know what you can do to a human being, and it's devastating. When they call you a monster, they have no idea how right they are. I've seen you do things to people that they won't even show in the movies. I also know that you won't stop until you've finished what you started when you tried to end my career.

I should be worried. I'm not.

I'm Kodiak Vic Creed. You're not.

But you will be put in your place, and there's only two things you can do about it: Nothing and Like it.