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This is Entertainment

February 16, 2004

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Even in Sports Entertainment, Accidents Happen

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Professional Wrestling. Sports Entertainment. Any way you look at it, the men and women who step into the ring risk their well-being every time they lock up. Mistakes can happen to anyone. Even the most experienced ring veteran can suffer from a mishap.

That includes Juggernauts.

This past Thursday, Kodiak Vic Creed was participating in a wrestling match against two men: Great Dragon and Nick Brandish. Towards the end of the match, something went wrong as Nick Brandish executed a move he'd done countless times before. He lifted Creed into the air for a staring vertical suplex, then spun him around for a powerslam.

Something went wrong in the transition, and Kodiak Vic Creed landed on his head. The fear of every professional wrestler hit Creed hard - he was paralysed.

After his match, Creed was rushed to a nearby hospital where, fortunately, he started to regain mobility in his limbs. He'd only suffered a serious stinger, whereas a normal man would have probably had his neck broken.

"That's all part of the job," Creed said as he lay in a hospital bed with his wife Dakota by his side. "Everybody knows that you take a chance when you get in the ring. We're not swinging sponge bats at each other."

Is Wrestling fake? Ask Kodiak Vic Creed. "When I was flat on my back, completely unable to move, I wished it was fake. I wished someone would stand up at ringside and yell 'cut'. There's no second-chances in our business."

While there is little doubt that Kodiak Vic Creed will return to the ring, one can only wonder what his mindset will be. "You just gotta get back up on the horse," said Creed. "This is my life. I can't let this beat me. I won't let it beat me."

If nothing else, Kodiak Vic Creed certainly has the spirit of a Juggernaut.