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Bowman Opts For Surgery;

June 08, 2004
Billy Shears

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Expected to miss at least six months

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Former fWo Cruiserweight Champion Scotty J. Bowman has elected to go under the knife to fix a neck injury which has kept him out of commission since mid-April.

Bowman took a nasty fall at the hands of Sphere on April 19th. Scotty J. landed hard on the back of his neck and momentarily lost fooling in his extremities. "It was the scariest moment of my career. Aside from that time they wanted me to fight Rush. Yeesh. What a slob," Bowman commented days after the incident. Doctors believe the injury might not have kept Bowman out of action for an extended period of time had it not been aggravated moments later by a set of stiff kicks.

Bowman was given a month off to rehabilitate and rest the inujury, but when he was still unable to return to the ring doctors informed him that surgery could be necessary. Bowman declined in hopes that the stiffness would recede and was aiming for a mid-June return.

"It became apparent that was not going to happen either," said Bowman's trainer Giovanny Gonzalez. "There were a few slips during training that didn't help. Upon further discussion the decision was made to go in there and fix the problem now while we still could."

Bowman's surgery is scheduled for June 11th and will be performed by Dr. Jeffrey Bajenaru of California.

"This is the last thing I expected," Bowman said, "I had high hopes for this year. But if all goes well I could be back sometime in early 2005, which would be nice. Who knows."

"This thing kept me out of Cyberslam. I'm just tyring to make sure it doesnt keep me out of NEXT Cyberslam."