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What is the Elemental Disaster?

October 03, 2005

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Inside the mind of Mike Ragnal.

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Three weeks ago, a new wrestler came to fWo and promised to bring the federation into an Elemental Disaster.

Two weeks ago, this same wrestler debuted against another new wrestler, the Midnight Cowboy, beat him, and continued to destroy him slightly after his match.

Only last week, this same person explained his actions, and continued to speak of the Elemtnal Disaster.

But what is the Elemental Disaster?

We could look no further than to ask the Master of the Elemental Disaster himself, Mike Ragnal, who has been making eerie vignettes from atop a hillside storm.

When we were able to interview him, we were only able to get so much out of him. When asked what the Elemental Disaster is, this was all he said:

"The Elemental Disaster is just that-a disaster. It is very much an area that can get out of hand, and even the highest power can lose control and have no idea how he will fix the situation."

"Attacking the Midnight Cowboy with the High Voltage after our match was only a small taste of the Elemental Disaster. Very soon, as time grows on, I intend to bring the Elemental Disaster to high power, and bring the fWo down into it."

As he left the interview, we could only realize that this was, in fact, the Shocking Truth.