February 20, 2018

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10/5: the Warfare Room

October 19, 2005
Keith Scott Zimmerman

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The New Honky Tonk Man, the New New Midnight Express, and What The Mouse Thinks Is The New Black

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Craig wins a match: Because honestly, who knew if I'd ever get to put this again? (Yes, Craig, the 2k is already in the Community Fund.)

Vince, the Cowardly Jacobs: Of course, this leaves the question: who's the big good what can stop the evil that lurks in the cowardice of this man?

Brandish/Stewart: What, because a guy spends his free time watching the Best of Danielson doesn't mean he can't appreciate a good, mindless brawl?

Rana/Craig/Krispy Kreme backstage segment: Now can someone get Mr. Miles a back brace after that immortal carry job?

Mike Ragnal: Now if only we could get him a sidekick yelling out SIMPSONS DID IT, SIMPSONS DID IT!

Me: I rule.

The Silver Screen: Which usually sets back the industry a good six months, but between the additions of Codemaster, and Captain Charismaless, and the fact they appear to be forming one of the next bullet points, has set the industry back 10 years. I suppose this is what I get for thinking I'm too good to job on Velocity.

Wacky Mismatched Tag Teams: It's not a) 1999 b) Stamford c) a promotion run by Russo d) all of the above.