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The Ivy League

January 29, 2009
Poison Ivy

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One of my favorites quotations of all time is from the Ol' Perfessor himself, Casey Stengel: "The youth of America; you tell them, here is the opportunity, and the youth of America look at you and say 'Where is the money?'"

Maybe this business has changed, or has changed me, or maybe it's just passed me by. Whatever the case, I look at the new roster of the FWO and I can practically pick out the rookies based solely on their actions. The catchword of the day, people, is respect.

Regardless of the substance of the two, respect was in abundance last night at ReAction between High Flyer and the Flying Frenchie. Sure, Frenchie stole the title belt and Flyer took a fairly extreme offensive in the second match, but the fact remains that Flyer took the liberties he did because he knew and respected the way Pierre's mind works, and Frenchie himself tipped his beret to the Champion at the end of the night.

On the other end of the spectrum, certain newcomers have adopted a Jekyl - and - Hyde persona depending on who they've been talking to. I've been trying to understand the kind of mind that would take one person and start trouble based on simple misunderstanding, and take another and feed her nothing but sugar.

This business in general - and this promotion in particular - was built in no small amount on respect. Ric Chronos reminded KroW and Shadows of that in spades after the brawl that tore the backstage apart. Dusk reminded Karina Wolfenden of that after she celebrated a little too much for his taste after their match last night. Although, Dusk - if you started your career in a new company with four straight losses in two weeks, wouldn't you want to celebrate?

Although, I still wonder what happens to K-Wolf now. She has lost any chance of ever wrestling for the FWO World Heavyweight Championship ever again, and since just about every wrestler who has ever pulled on a pair of tights does so with the intent of being World Champion for whatever company they're with...

Respect is more than not punching your opponent in the back of the head after the bell. It's more than not beating up a non - combatant whose crime against humanity is doing a fairly funny parody. Of course, in that same vein it's disrespectful to spill your guts to a fellow co - worker who listens to everything you're saying, only to see you turn around and ignore everything she tried to tell you.

Basically, the tenets of respect are as simple as the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. I know this is a pipe dream, because this will never happen. I know this will never happen because I don't even follow the rule all the time, myself. I try to; as my career has stretched on year after year I've become more open to new faces and new people, and I'm more of a person who will give a new face the respect I would like to receive in return, and it's theirs to lose.

Three weeks into the Comeback, and there's already a number of people on this roster who have earned my disrespect.

Let me be really clear to some of the people who have either consciously or unconsciously taken advantage of the Ivy McGinnis that they've seen backstage so far. Yes, I'm older and more mellow. Yes, I'm watching my language and my actions around my son. Yes, I'm very aware of my relationships between both the management staff and the boys and I will not ever use my job security as a reason to go off on anyone.

BUT... but. I'm not the boss this time around. I'm not an impartial, professionally minded bastion of compromise and harmony. I would love to be, but that's not the truth.

The truth is, my role in this company is that of the Psycho Bitch who walks tall and carries a big stick. I don't want to think that the only way to teach some of the newcomers respect is to beat it out of them, but I don't rule it out.

It certainly worked in the past while I was building my reputation, didn't it? My entire career was built on people I hit with my Cane and called out on their BS. If I have to go retro to get things back on track, then retro we will go.

Disrespect is a two way street. Don't forget it.

This is Ivy