February 20, 2018

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An Open Letter To William Beaven

July 27, 2009

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Dear William,

For the entirety of the year, I have been the dictionary definition of a model employee. I have also spent the majority of the year as your Internet Champion, a title I held with pride and successfully defended on consecutive pay-per-views in four-star matches.

However, I have been made to be humiliated and degraded while you have been distracted with the situation that has arisen between Mssrs. Krow & Shadows.

(A situation that looks like it could use my help, but I digress.)

1. With your go-ahead, I went and commissioned a new design for the Internet Championship, the rework of which to get it to a standard I felt befitted both the Organization and my own legacy I put an outlay estimated conservatively at $37, 000. I then proceeded to lose this title due to outside interference via Vincent Jacobs.

II. In the week to follow, I would challenge Mrs. Tanaka for the Cruiserweight Championship and also lose that opportunity thanks to outside interference, again from Mr. Jacobs.

III. Mr. Jacobs is upset that he failed at Meltdown to defeat me, but has already gotten his opportunity at the World's Championship as seen at Cyberslam and FAILED.

IV. Despite the fact I have called out Jack Harmen all year, we have yet to square differences. In addition, Harmen has failed to set a date for us to compete for the championship despite the fact I have been the number one contender for nearly a month.

The days of me being tread upon and made to look anything less than The Only Wrestler That Matters.

ReAction will start this week with me in the ring to further address this litany of crimes against me.

But to summarize: I will be in the same ring with High Flyer, and my #1 contendership will be acknowledged and given proper respect, or I will halt the entirety of the show until such a time is reached.

This is not a negotiation.