February 20, 2018

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Vince Jacobs suffers Grade II Concussion

September 22, 2009

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Injury more severe than first thought

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FWO Superstar Vince Jacobs suffered what FWO officials thought to be a forehead laceration and bruised ribs after his hardcore title match against Keith Scott Zimmerman on ReAction 33. After further doctor examinations and Vince having a hard time remembering his match that night. The doctor upgraded Vince’s diagnosis to a Grade II Concussion. The doctor said that Vince could have suffered the concussion anytime during the match. But he thinks that it could have happen from the brainbuster through the table and was heightened by the double chair shot that he took at the end of the match that left him out cold.

As a result of this news Vince Jacobs will be out of action from 2-4 weeks, which would have Vince sitting on the sideline for FWO’s up coming pay-per-view, Legends. Kristen Jacobs tried to get a word with Vince after he heard the doctor’s diagnosis and all Vince had to say was “no comment”. The FWO main event scene will take a hit after losing a big time player like Vince Jacobs for maybe up to a month.