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September 25, 2009

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Max Danger (c) vs. Ruben Ross... Or is it?

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CHRIS FINN: “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a brand new edition of the Wednesday Webcast right here on theFWO.com! I’m your host, Chris Finn, and joining me as always is Matthew Zhuk!”

MATTHEW ZHUK: “Greetings and salutations to everyone out there in cyberspace tonight... or morning... or whenever you’re watching this. Hell, they could be watching this on their commute to work on the subway, can’t they, Chris?”

FINN: “They could be almost anywhere, you’re right. But no mater where they are, we’re here and tonight, inside that squared circle the FWO Internet Champion, Max Danger, will be defending against Ruben Ross.”

ZHUK: “This is going to be one hell of a contest, Chris. Ruben Ross is a former FOUR-time Internet Champion himself, not to mention a multiple-time Cruiserweight Champion, and, of course, a previous reign as the World Heavyweight Champion.”

FINN: “And what you may not be aware of, these two men actually competed for the Internet Championship a couple of weeks back but there was a temporary blackout of the ReAction feed and no one got to see it.”

ZHUK: “And boy did they miss out on a good one! A fifteen minute time limit draw left everyone wanting more and, well, that’s why we’re hear tonight.”

FINN: “Indeed. Not to mention Ross pinned Danger’s 1-2-3 thanks to Brawn’s Hammerhead Drop two weeks ago in a tag team contest. So, perhaps Ruben has Danger’s number?”

ZHUK: “I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

FINN: “Yup, so, without futher ado...”

Hero by Nas feat. Keri Hilson started to play and the fans rose to their feet for the legendary Ruben Ross.

STEVIE ROBERTS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit and is for the FWO INTERNET CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first...”

The music continued to play but, for some reason, the Black Plague was nowhere to be found. Slowly, the cheers started to die down as everyone wondered just where in the heck Ruben Ross was.

FINN: “What’s the deal, you think? Where’s Ruben?”

ZHUK: “I have no idea, Chris. But, you know, I don’t recall seeing him earlier today, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

FINN: “Or it could mean everything...”

ZHUK: “Meaning... what? You think someone kidnapped him? Knocked him in the head with a tack hammer and hid him in a closet? Something like that?”

FINN: “Hey, it’s possible. We’ve see A LOT of crazy stuff happen here in the Fans Wrestling Organization, Matthew.”

ZHUK: “That’s true. My money’s on Leigh Landers.”

While Chris Finn was looking at Zhuk with raised eyebrows, the referee -- getting info into his earpiece -- was chatting with Stevie Roberts inside the ring. While that was happening, Ruben’s music died out and the lights went out. The countdown began and when it reached zero there was a huge explosion at the entrance.

Right Round by Flo Rida started up as a couple of girls were on stage dancing in their skimpy little outfits. Standing directly in the middle at the top of the ramp was none other than the Internet Champion himself, Max Danger.

He started towards the ring with the Happy Bunny Girl skipping along behind him. Once in the ring, Danger was joined by a handful of other girls that all danced around as he stood in the middle of the ring, proudly displaying the Internet Championship around his waist.

ROBERTS: “Introducing, well, first I suppose, weighing in at 225 pounds, hailing from Augusta, Maine, the Danger Man, the Marvelous One, the reigning FWO Internet Champion... he is... MAAAAAAAX DAAAAAANGEEEEERR!!

Danger lifted Armsy McDanger high into the air to the roaring of the crowd. He proceeded to slap every female on the ass as they exited the ring before looking around and realizing there was no one other there for him to defend his belt against. Throwing his arms out in a ‘what the hell’ fashion, Max walked up to the referee who shrugged his shoulders.

FINN: “Well, here’s Danger..”

ZHUK: “With his henchwoman!”

FINN: “Be serious, Matthew, Leigh wouldn’t hurt a fly much less brutally attack someone backstage and stuff them in some place no one could find them.”

ZHUK: “Hey, I think it’s kind of, well, it’s kinda hot, don’tcha think?”

Chris blinked at Matthew twice before just turning away from him and looking up into the ring. He shook his head as he thought about his announcing partner. Zhuk threw up his arms and was like ‘what?’ while up in the ring Danger was confused as to why he was out there.

Was he just there so that the ref could give him a countout victory? ‘Cause if that was the case, he’d rather have just stayed backstage and not gone through with the theatrics. He was an important man with many things on his plate, so he wasn’t into wasting his time.

While discussions were going on, the giant video screen cracked and popped to life. First there was the white fuzz and then we see Brawn. Driving. He is paying careful attention to the road, putting on his signal before turning. The cement walls fly by. The engine revs up, echoing through the parking garage.

"Max Danger, we could talk in circles for weeks without the fans getting tired. But talking gets me nowhere, while you rest easy with one more fleeting moment of glory with that beautiful, glimmering Internet Title strapped to your waist. When my lips flap, nothing changes, but, with my clothesline I can topple civilizations. I know you were expecting Ruben Ross, but I heard that he couldn't make it. Pity. Max, I pulled a number a long time ago. I'm next in line. The stage isn't quite as big as Legends, but I'll be happy to open my Christmas present early."

The screen faded to snow as Brawn walked through the curtains, marching with purpose towards Max Danger and pointing at him with fire in his eyes, ignorant of the lack of witnesses. Water droplets sprayed out from his wet mop, his body taut and sweating. He climbed up onto the apron and entered the ring, pacing back and forth in a 3 foot line, psyching himself up to take on the champ.

The referee looked at Danger, asking him if he wanted to go through with this, and Max, never taking his eyes off the Wrought Iron Kid, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sure, what have I got to lose?”

“Um, your belt?” replied the referee.

That took Max’s attention away from Brawn momentarily but he just smirked at the scrawny little dude and with a chuckle said, “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

He unstrapped the belt and handed it to him, who then held it up high over his head as Stevie Roberts made the announcement.

ROBERTS: “And his challenger, weighing in at 250 pounds, hailing from Breaksgood, Iowa. He is... BRAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!

The crowd cheered as Brawn lifted a fist into the air before bringing it down and extending his index finger to point at the Danger Man. He then proceeded to point at the Internet Title that the referee was about to hand to the time keeper and made the universal sign of ‘that believe is going around my waist’.

Danger stopped the referee and took the belt back into his hands. He looked at it for a long moment before looking up at Brawn. With his gray eyes trained on the Wrought Iron Kid, Max kissed the faceplate before handing it back to the ref, who proceeded to give it to the timekeeper, who placed it on his table right next to the bell.

FINN: “Well, Matty, it looks like we’re going to have ourselves a title match after all. But instead of Ruben Ross, Brawn has taken Danger up on his ‘if you want it, come get it’ challenge from last week’s ReAction. The last time these two men faced off for the Internet Championship -- about a month ago -- Danger picked up the victory thanks to a timely distraction by Michelle Masters.”

ZHUK: “Which, if we all remember, wasn’t Danger’s fault. He just took advantage of Brawn’s unattentiveness.”

FINN: “But did Max have prior knowledge of ‘Chelle’s run-in? That we have yet to hear and I’m kind of curious.”

ZHUK: “My feeling is that he didn’t but took advantage of the situation regardless because, well, hey, he’s not perfect. He’s not Impulse. He’d have been stupid not to.”

FINN: “Win at any cost, huh?”

ZHUK: “If you want to keep what’s yours, sometimes that’s what you gotta do.”

Up in the ring, the referee went over his final instructions and rules before ordering the two men back into their respective corners. Neither man took their eyes off the other. Once back in their corners, the official called for the bell.


FINN: “And we’re under way!”

Both men came out of their corners and commenced circling. Once they locked horns, the bigger and much more powerful Brawn shoved Danger to the ground. Max, ever the stubborn one, hopped right back to his feet and locked up again. The result was the same and Danger’s response was the same. Kinda.

Max’s attempt at another lock-up was a fake-out, as he ducked under Brawn’s arms and got behind him with a school boy roll-up!

FINN: “Quick pin attempt by Danger! One!”

ZHUK: “He doesn’t mess around when his belt is on the line, Chris.”

FINN: “Two!”

The referee’s arm started to come down for the third time.

FINN: “KICK OUT! Despite being caught off-guard with the roll-up, Brawn still kicked out.”

ZHUK: “The Wrought Iron Kid is going to have to keep on his toes tonight. It’s too bad he doesn’t have someone to second him to the ring.”

FINN: Yeah, an extra pair of eyes are always helpful, especially how the last match concluded between these two.”

Both men were back on their feet and Brawn tried getting his hands on Danger again, but Max was quicker than the Iowa native and ducked behind him, locking in a waistlock. Brawn did the sensible thing and got into the ropes, causing Max to do a backwards roll.

When Brawn turned and charged at Max, Danger took him down with a drop toe hold and immediately went for the La Majistral Cradle, but Brawn jerked his arm free and stood up, swinging a wild right hand towards Max’s head. The Marvelous One ducked underneath it and booted Brawn in the gut before attempting an irish whip.

It was reversed and on the rebound Brawn sent Danger flying HIGH into the air with a back body drop. Max landed with a loud thud, popping up off the mat holding his back. Brawn grabbed him immediately and sent him hard into the corner turnbuckles. Danger stumbled out a couple of steps and Brawn just grabbed him and sent him into the opposite corner.

FINN: “Corner splash by Brawn... came up empty!”

ZHUK: “Reverse Roll-up by the Danger Man!”

FINN: “One!”

ZHUK: “I think he’s got him here!”

FINN: “Two! Kick out!”

Danger got back to his feet and before Brawn could rise any further than his knees, Max kicked him hard across the chest. A second kick seemed to only annoy Brawn and shouted at Danger, “That all you got?”

Max hit off the ropes but as soon as he got back to Brawn, the Wrought Iron Kid had hoisted him up off the mat and slammed him down with a hellacious spinebuster! Brawn mounted Danger and unloaded with a series of right hands before Max was able to shove him away.

Back on his feet, Brawn grabbed Max by the back of his trucks -- he was on his hands and knees -- and brought him to his feet. Danger swung around with a back elbow, but Brawn ducked underneath and countered with a bridging Northern Lights Suplex!

FINN: “The first pinfall from Brawn... One!”

ZHUK: “A perfect bridge from the young superstar.”

FINN: “Two!”

The crowd was waiting with bated breath as the zebra brought his arm down for the third time. Would it be the last?

FINN: “THR-- KICK OUT! The Danger Man kicked out!”

As Brawn got back up onto his feet, Max dragged himself under the bottom rope and to the floor. It took a moment before the Wrought Iron Kid realized where Danger had gone, so he hopped out of the ring himself. He walked around the ring, right past Leigh, but he made the mistake of keeping his eye on her too long.

FINN: “Step-up Enziguri!”

ZHUK: “Is he going to blame that on Danger, too? Max can’t help it he’s distracted by pretty girls.”

Brawn did not go down, instead stumbling forward until he managed to fall against the guardrail. He was holding the back of his head as the fans patted him on the back and gave him encouragement. Danger charged forward then but Brawn sensed him coming and got a foot up to stop him.

The Danger Man, however, caught it. He threw Brawn’s leg down and lunged forward with a clothesline, knocking the Wrought Iron Kid right over the railing and into the front row. Max did not follow after him, instead returning to the ring as the referee began his ten count.

FINN: “Pretty sound strategy from the Danger Man, Zhuk.”

ZHUK: “I dunno, he may be giving Brawn too much time to recover. Of course, he still has be beat the count back in, so maybe it’ll work.”

Brawn pulled himself up using the railing and dragged himself back over it. He remained on his hands and knees for a second before pulling himself up a second time. The referee was at the count of seven when Brawn made it to the ring apron and rolled himself in. As soon as he got to one knee, Danger struck with a Shining Wizard!

FINN: “Brawn blocked it! He lifts Danger up to his shoulders!”

ZHUK: “He would be wise not to use the airplane spin like he did last time.”

FINN: “Rolling fireman’s carry!”

Brawn did a front flip, essentially, and slammed Danger’s back into the canvas with all of Brawn’s weight on top of him. Brawn bounced right back to his feet and staggered to the ropes. He took a moment to clear out the cobwebs, which allowed Danger to get back to his feet.

Max went for an elbow smash, but Brawn blocked it but hooking Danger’s arm and locking it to his side. Brawn headbutted Max then kneed him in the stomach. He shot Danger off into the ropes and caught him with a hellacious powerslam on the rebound!

FINN: “One!”

FINN: “Two!”

ZHUK: “This is it!”

FINN: “THR-- KICK OUT! Max Danger, once more, has kicked out. He isn’t going to relinquish his Internet Championship so easily, Zhuk.”

Brawn looked at the referee a moment and held up three fingers, but the equally young official shook his head and held up two. Brawn simply nodded before pulling Max up off the mat by his wrist. Brawn then jerked Danger towards him and nearly took his head off with a vicious Brawnside Blast!

The Wrought Iron Kid held his flexed arm out there for a moment before dropping an elbow right down onto Max’s heart!

FINN: “One!”

The referee was right there, in perfect position, and brought his arm up for the second time.

FINN: “Two!”

And a third time.

FINN: “THRE-- SHOULDER! Max shot a shoulder up just before the three count!”

ZHUK: “He has a boat-load of resiliency, Chirs. It’s been proven through the years everywhere he’s been.”

The FWO Internet Champion was brought to his feet and slugged right across the mouth by Brawn, who’s confidence was growing by leaps and bounds with every landed punch, every successful move, and with every pin attempt. He knew he was getting closer to putting away the Danger Man and capturing his first piece of hardware in the FWO.

Brawn whipped Danger hard into the corner and followed in with another Brawnside Blast that violently snapped Max’s head back, perspiration flying from his golden locks on impact. Brawn hoisted Danger up onto the top turnbuckle and landed another solid right hand that nearly knocked Max from his perch.

The Wrought Iron Kid climbed to the middle turnbuckle and landed a couple of more punches before setting Danger up for a superplex. Max wasn’t completely out of it and drove an elbow smash into Brawn’s gut. A second one almost dropped him, causing him to lower himself and hold onto the top rope to keep from falling all the way.

But Brawn jerked himself back up and landed another huge right hand across Danger’s cheek. His body fell backwards and he would have toppled over the edge had it not been for Brawn grabbing his arms. And instead of a superplex, Brawn lifted Danger up onto his shoulders.

FINN: “Holy crap, Zhuk, he’s not going to do that from up there, is he?”

ZHUK: “You’ve gotta do whatever it takes, Finny, if you want to win a championship here in the F-W-O.”


A Super Somaon Drop flattened the Danger Man into the canvas! Brawn draped only an arm over Max as the referee slid into position.


The crowd was counting along.


The referee brought up his hand then brought it down.


But before we could annointed a brand new Internet Champion...

ZHUK: “NOOOOO! Look at that, Finny? The Marvelous One got his shoulder up!”

Max had, indeed, shot his shoulder off the canvas just before the referee’s hand smacked the mat for the third time. Brawn, all he heard was the third smacking of the hand and the crowd screaming “THREE!” so he rose to his feet, arms raised in victory.

The referee felt bad for doing it, but he had to pull Brawn’s arm down and explain to him what happened. The happiness and elation on Brawn’s face disappeared with a snap of the fingers. It was like all the color had drained from his face. Brawn shot his head back with his hands on the sides of his head and screamed, “UGH!”

The Wrought Iron Kid had to get over the nearfall and quick, so he slapped himself in the head a couple of times and picked Danger up off the mat. He put Danger’s head between his legs and hoisted him up for a powerbomb, but Brawn never got the chance to slam him down ‘cause the Marvelous One raked him across the eyes!

FINN: “What’s the deal? We’ve never seen Danger do that before!”

ZHUK: “Hey, Finny, there’s a title on the line here, so Max is going to do whatever it takes to make sure he goes home with it. He’s not a World Champion in two other companies by always playing by the rules.”

Or any of them, but that was neither here nor there, but the eye rake was quite effective in allowed Max to escape his undesirable position atop Brawn’s shoulders. Danger hopped off Brawn and blasted him in the mouth with an elbow smash. A second one knocked him back against the ropes. He went for an irish whip, but Brawn was still able to reverse it, but on the rebound he had lowered his head, and Max jumped over him for a sunset flip!

Brawn, however, twirled his arms trying to keep from falling backwards, and was actually able to prevent it, but when he brought his big fist down towards Danger’s head, Max scooted out of the way, causing Brawn to punch the mat instead.

With him bent over, Max spun on his ass and managed to shove a kick between Brawn’s legs that caught the Wrought Iron Kid right on the butt of the chin! Brawn stumbled forward and fell into the ropes. Danger got onto his feet and charged at the Wrought Iron Kid. He went through the ropes for the 619 but instead of his feet, Danger slammed his knees into Brawn’s face!

Max immediately scrambled on top for a pin.


ZHUK: “This could be it, Chris! I think this is it!”


ZHUK: “Brawn’s not going to kick out!”

FINN: “THREEEEEE-- YES HE DID! Brawn, amazingly, kicked out!”

ZHUK: “Shucks.”

The crowd roared with approval of the kick out. Danger wasn’t going to waste any time though, ‘cause his body was aching, and he wanted to get out of here now and take his belt home with him. Danger shot Brawn into the corner and followed in with a rolling koppou kick!

Immediately, Max brought Brawn out of the corner, hooked him up, and drove his head into the canvas with a neck-breaking BRAINBUSTER! The crowd went “OOOOOOOH!” when the Wrought Iron Kid’s body went limp on impact.




The crowd cheered loudly, but why? Didn’t Danger just beat Brawn? I mean, sure, Max was liked by the fans despite the bit of shady business with the eye poke and such, but Brawn was decided the one they’d gotten behind more. So, why the sudden burst of cheers?

Oh, ‘cause...


That would do it, I guess, huh?

ZHUK: “Unbelievable. I can’t believe, hence why I said ‘unbelievable’, he’s not out cold.”

FINN: “He very well could be, Zhuk, he couldn’t just got his shoulder up on instinct.”

Danger rolled off of Brawn and stared the referee right in the eyes. Max held up a closed fist and extended one finger, then two, and finally a third and held up his own arm in victory. But the official just shook his head and said, “It was two, Max.”

And replied, “Bollocks.”

No, he wasn’t British. But at any rate, Danger yanked Brawn up off the mat by the wrist, pulled it through Brawn’s own leg and before you knew it, he had the Wrought Iron Kid set-up for a Wrist-Clutch Exploder. It was a move Max hadn’t used in years. But he had been very successful with it.

Tonight? Not so much, ‘cause Brawn was elbowing the hell out of Danger’s head to free himself. After about six of ‘em, he managed to get loose and exploded with another Brawnside Blast one that, if it connected flush, would certainly knocked Max’s head into the upper deck.

But the Marvelous One ducked and reloaded with his own attack just as soon as Brawn turned around...

FINN:MARVEL KICK! Danger connected flush with the superkick!”

ZHUK: “Ha! Let’s see Brawn come up with an excuse this time!”

Brawn went stiff as it hit and very slowly, like a tree, fell backwards to the mat. Danger collapsed on top of him, not bothering to hook a leg. Hey, why would he, he beat him last time with the very strike.


ZHUK: “Just go ahead and give the belt to him, Chris. This one is ov-ah!”


ZHUK: “He’s been knocked out cold, there’s no way he’s kicking out.”


Matthew Zhuk was right, there was no way Brawn was kicking out before the count of three. BUT. That didn’t mean he couldn’t get his foot on the bottom rope!!!! The crowd jumped to their feet in elation as the referee patted Danger, who was sitting on his butt arm raised in the air, on the back and pointed at Brawn’s foot on the rope.

“Are you serious?” queried the Danger Man.

“You see it, don’t you?” replied the referee.

Max went “grumble, grumble” as he got up to his feet. Alright, so Brawn managed to save himself with the ropes. All Max had to do, he reasoned, was hit another move, dead center of the ring, and there would be no way for Brawn to escape defeat.

Danger peeled Brawn off the mat and led him to that center of the ring. Why, it would be the perfect opportunity for Max to finally bust out Simply Marvelous!, wouldn’t it? Oh, yes, I think so.

The Danger Man set Brawn up for the piledriver, but the Wrought Iron Kid had just enough in him to drop to a knee and prevent such an incident from occuring. His neck was still stinging from the brainbuster and his head throbbing from every other attack Max has thrown his way, so a piledriver? That was most definitely not a remedy for what was ailing him.

Danger, annoyed, started to rain down on Brawn’s back with his forearms, trying to loosen him up just enough to pull off the piledriver, have the referee count to three, and him walk out of the arena still the Internet Champion. But, instead, it appeared the blows to his back where giving Brawn a final burst of energy.

With a roar of manliness, the Wrought Iron Kid lifted Danger up by the legs and charged him into the corner, Max pounding on his back the whole way. Brawn slammed him into the turnbuckles, but Danger didn’t let up, driving his knee into Brawn’s face, hitting him with another elbow smash, then holding onto the top ropes so that he could jump and slam both feet into Brawn’s face!

The Iowa native staggered back giving Max enough room to pick up a bit of speed and lunge at Brawn with the Shotei running palm strike! Brawn ducked it, however, and when both men turned, he kicked Danger in the gut.









X Ray by the Maccabees blasted out of the speakers as the fans jumped to their feet, screaming in joy at the top of their lungs.

ROBERTS: “The winner of this match and NEW FWO Internet Champion... BRAAAAAAAAAAWN!!!

Brawn rolled to the ropes and pulled himself up. He leaned there as the referee brought over the INET Championship and handed it to him. Brawn held the shiny gold belt in his hands and just stared at it, not able to believe what just happpened. He had won his first ever FWO championship.

The referee raised Brawn’s arm, his face still unable to grasp what was going on. Finally, though, as he heard the chants of “BRAWN! BRAWN! BRAWN!” it started to sink it. Brawn immediately walked to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles where he held the belt up high over his head.

Meanwhile, the Danger Man had rolled out of the ring looking less than pleased. Leigh attempt to comfort him but he jerked his shoulder away when she tried patting him on the back. For the first time in a loooooooong time, the Marvelous One had lost a belt. He’d been doing nothing but winning them -- if you ignore his repeated failures at winning any other FWO title, most recently last weeks attempt at Callie Urban’s Cruiserweight belt -- so to lose on, to have it slip right between your fingers? It stung Danger. Hurt him bad.

But he would let Brawn have his day in the sun. For now. Soon, though, he would have that championship back around his waist.

Brawn continued to celebrate in the ring, climbinb every turnbuckle, before finally settling in the center of the ring and strapping the belt around his waist. Finally, all his hard work had finally paid off.

Finally, he was a champion.

Winner: Brawn by pinfall (Hammerhead Drop); NEW Internet Champion

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